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Graduate Admissions and Academic Services
217 Bascom Hall
500 Lincoln Drive
Madison, WI 53706
(608) 262-2433

Michelle Holland
Academic Service Coordinator (Academic Policies & Procedures, withdrawals, course change requests, late enrollment, satisfactory progress, probation)

Steve Hahn
Assistant Dean for Admissions and Academic Services (Graduate School Dean's approval, appeals)

Elena Hsu
Degree Coordinator (Master's and Professional Degrees, Special Committee Degrees, Dual/Joint/Double Degrees, CIC Traveling Scholars, Degree Completion fee)

Alexandra Walter
Degree Coordinator (Ph.D. Degrees, extensions, electronic thesis deposit, dissertator status)

Double, Joint, and Dual Degrees at a Glance

Double Degree

  • 2 degrees, 2 diplomas
  • 2 graduate majors
  • 2 advisors, 2 committees
  • 2 theses or dissertations
  • Minimum credit requirement for each degree
  • 2 prelims (PhD)
  • 2 warrant requests, 2 warrants
  • List of courses used for each major must be submitted to GS when requesting warrants.
  • No more than 25% overlap (of the total credits for the program with lowest credit requirement).

Joint Degree

  • 1 degree, 1 diploma
  • 2 graduate majors
  • 2 advisors, 1 committee
  • 1 thesis or dissertation
  • Joint prelim, if both major programs agree, or 2 prelims (PhD)
  • 1 warrant request, 1 warrant
  • Must submit proposal to GS before beginning of second year.  Need signatures of both advisors and both program directors, and AD approval.

Dual Degree

  • One graduate degree and one professional degree (i.e. a degree from the School of Medicine and Public Health or the Law school).