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AFRO-AMERICAN STUDIES Criteria for Satisfactory Progress
To make progress toward a graduate degree, students must meet the Graduate School requirements in addition to the requirements of the department or program. See Graduate School degree requirements.
Overall GPA
Other Grade Requirements
Candidates may not carry more than 3 credit hours of Incomplete at one time.
Probation Policy
Candidates failing to meet satisfactory progress criteria will be placed on academic probation.
Specific Courses
Specific Credits
A minimum of 24 credits: 12 must be in Afro-American studies; at least 6 must be in research-oriented or graduate seminars. No more than 6 hours of directed study (699) credit will be applied toward fulfillment of the course credit minimum.
Examinations / Time Constraints
No / No
Other Assessments / Time Constraints
Yes / Yes
The thesis topic must be approved by the third semester. Full-time students must enroll for a minimum of 8 graduate credits each semester (excluding summer session) until course work is completed.
Language Requirements
Candidates in the program will be assigned an advisor upon admission into the department, but at the end of their first year are free to choose another advisor for the remainder of their time in the program.
Review Policy
Departmental graduate program committee