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AGROECOLOGY Criteria for Satisfactory Progress
To make progress toward a graduate degree, students must meet the Graduate School requirements in addition to the requirements of the department or program. See Graduate School degree requirements.
Overall GPA
Follow Graduate School policy
Other Grade Requirements
Students holding research assistantships are required to maintain an overall 3.2 GPA; grades of B or better must be obtained in all required courses.
Probation Policy
Follow Graduate School policy
Specific Courses
AgroEcol 701, 702, 710
For Public Policy Option, course work specified in Learning Contract, negotiated with the Student Progress Committee during the first weeks of first semester.

Specific Credits
Public Practice Option requires a minimum of 34 credits.
Research Option requires a minimum of 25 credits, but individual advisors will require additional coursework, depending on the research problem and student’s background.

All students must present their project or thesis.
Other Assessments Time Constraints
Public Practice Option students must complete a project.
Research Option students must write a thesis
Language Requirements
Follow Graduate School policy


Review Policy
At the start of each semester with the Student Progress Committee