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BIOMETRY Criteria for Satisfactory Progress
To make progress toward a graduate degree, students must meet the Graduate School requirements in addition to the requirements of the department or program. See Graduate School degree requirements.
Overall GPA
Follow Graduate School policy
Other Grade Requirements
Candidates receiving a grade of Incomplete must provide the chair with a brief written explanation of the circumstances which led to the grade. If the explanation is accepted, the candidate has one semester to remove the grade. Courses used to satisfy degree requirements must be passed with a grade of B or better.
Probation Policy
Candidates who fail to meet satisfactory progress criteria in two consecutive reviews will be dropped from the program.
Specific Courses
Statistics 309-10 or 311-12 or equivalent.
Specific Credits
A minimum of 26 credits distributed in four categories (a minimum of 9 of the 26 must be completed while enrolled in the program). Required credit distributions: 6 credits in statistics courses at or above the 600 level; 3 additional credits in statistics courses numbered 325 or above; 9 credits in biological courses at or above the 300 level. Two credits of Statistics 699 for consulting in the CALS consulting service (these credits cannot be used in meeting the required sequence of courses).
Examination / Time Constraints
Yes / Yes
A final oral examination must be passed upon completion of course work and project.
Other Assessments / Time Constraints
Yes / Yes
Candidates must complete a project with an emphasis on the integration of statistics and science and must complete it by the time the candidate takes the final oral examination.
Language Requirements
Follow Graduate School policy
Review Policy
Chair of executive committee
Each semester