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East Asian Studies

Administrative Unit:East Asian Studies
College/School: College of Letters & Science
Minors and Certificates:Doctoral Minor

Faculty: China Core Faculty: Professors Curtin (Communication Arts), Dong (Environment, Textiles & Design), Eichenseher (Business), Friedman (Political Science), Irish (Law), Manion (Political Science), Murray (Art History), Nienhauser (East Asian Languages and Literature), Pan (Communication Arts); Associate Professors Csikszentmihalyi (East Asian Languages and Literature), Huang (East Asian Languages and Literature), Merli (Sociology), Zhang (East Asian Languages and Literature), Zhou (Anthropology); Assistant Professors, Zhu (East Asian Languages and Literature). Japan Core Faculty: Professors Davis (Engineering Professional Development), McGloin (East Asian Languages and Literature), Ohnuki-Tierney (Anthropology), Phillips (Art History), Young (director)(History); Associate Professors D'Etcheverry (East Asian Languages and Literature), Furumoto (Theatre and Drama), Mori (East Asian Languages and Literature), Raymo (Sociology), Thal (History); Assistant Professors Geyer (East Asian Languages and Literature), Meulenbeld (East Asian Languages and Literature), Miyamoto (Psychology), Ridgely (East Asian Languages and Literature). Korea Core Faculty: Professor Sutton (Ethnomusicology); Associate Professor Ohnesorge (Law); Faculty Associates Lim (East Asian Languages and Literature), Miller (East Asian Studies); Lecturer Choy (Education/Dance)


The Center for East Asian Studies acts as a clearinghouse and coordinating center bringing together an interdisciplinary group of faculty, staff, and students interested in the study of China, Japan, Korea, and Tibet. The center promotes and supports study of the region through academic programs, conferences, public lectures, and fellowships. Although the center does not presently offer a graduate degree, it does offer a doctoral minor and also supports students in other graduate programs who wish to focus on the East Asian region. More than 70 core and affiliate faculty members offer courses related to East Asia in the humanities, social sciences, and other fields through approximately 30 departments in six schools and colleges. Graduate students pursuing study of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Tibetan, or certain other Chinese minority languages may apply for Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowships and other awards administered by the center. The East Asian Collection of Memorial Library houses a large collection of vernacular and English-language materials on East Asia.

Doctoral Minor 

Students who are candidates for the Ph.D. degree in another department or program may obtain an interdisciplinary minor in East Asian studies by earning a minimum of 12 credits in East Asian area studies. The credits must be earned in at least three departments other than the major department. Graduate work in different aspects of East Asian studies is available in anthropology, art history, business, comparative literature, East Asian languages and literature, economics, engineering, dance, geography, history, journalism and mass communication, languages and cultures of Asia, law, linguistics, music (ethnomusicology), political science, public affairs, religious studies, sociology, theatre, and other departments and programs.

For more information: East Asian Studies, 333 Ingraham Hall, 1155 Observatory Drive, Madison, WI 53706; 608-262-3643; eas@intl-institute.wisc.edu; eastasia.wisc.edu.


Interdisciplinary courses may be taken from many departments. Courses must contain a minimum of 25 percent East Asian content. For a more complete and up to date listing of currently available courses, please contact East Asian Studies. UW–Madison Graduate School regulations concerning the use of cross-listed courses as part of the minor are to be observed when selecting courses. Because the instructors and contents of a course may change over time, please consult the East Asian studies student advisors for confirmation on whether a course may count for a doctoral minor.

Agricultural and Applied Economics

374 Growth and Development of the Global Economy, 3 cr
474 Economic Problems of Developing Areas, 3–4 cr
577 Economics of Growth and Class Structure in Low Income Countries, 3 cr


300 Cultural Anthropology: Theory and Ethnology, 3–4 cr
330 Topics in Ethnology: Anthropology of Japan, 3–4 cr
357 Anthropology of Japan, 3 cr
358 Anthropology of China, 3 cr
490 Cultural/Political Symbolism, 3 cr
940 Seminar in Problems in Cultural Anthropology, 3 cr

Art History

307 Early Chinese Art: From Antiquity to the Tenth Century, 3 cr
308 Later Chinese Art: From the Tenth Century to the Present, 3 cr
370 Arts of China, 3–4 cr
371 Chinese Painting, 3–4 cr
372 Arts of Japan, 3–4 cr
375 Later Japanese Painting and Woodblock Prints, 3–4 cr
411 Topics in Asian Art, 3–4 cr
470 Yamato-e: Japanese Painting in the Native Style, 3–4 cr
471 Japanese Ink Painting, 3–4 cr
472 Chinese Figure Painting, 3–4 cr
473 Chinese Landscape Painting, 3–4 cr
474 Chinese Ritual Bronzes, 3 cr
475 Japanese Ceramics and Allied Arts, 3cr
478 Art and Religious Practice in Medieval Japan
575 Proseminar in Japanese Art, 3 cr
576 Proseminar in Chinese Art, 3 cr
875 Seminar in Japanese Art, 3 cr
876 Seminar in Chinese Art, 3 cr

Communication Arts

458 Global Media Cultures, 3 cr

Comparative Literature

775 Gender, Social Space and Citizenship, 3 cr

Curriculum and Instruction

408 Student Teaching in Japanese, 4–12 cr
564 Advanced Problems in the Teaching of Foreign Languages, 3 cr


560 Dance Workshop: Korean Performing Arts, 3 cr

East Asian Studies

300 Humanities Topics in East Asian Studies, 3 cr
301 Social Studies Topics in East Asian Studies, 3 cr
698 Directed Study, 1–3 cr
699 Directed Study, 2–3 cr

East Asian Languages and Literature

All upper-level/graduate-level courses offered by the Department of East Asian Languages and Literature may be taken as part of the East Asian studies Ph.D. minor (see course listings for East Asian Languages and Literature.)


364 Survey of International Economics, 4 cr
365 Comparative Economic Systems, 3–4 cr
464 International Trade and Finance, 3 cr
467 International Industrial Firms and Organizations, 3 cr
475 Economics of Growth, 4 cr


332 Islam: Reform and Revolution in Central Asia, 3–4 cr
336 Social and Intellectual History of China, 1400 BC–589 AD, 3–4 cr
337 Social and Intellectual History of China, 589 AD–1919, 3–4 cr
338 Social and Intellectual History of Modern China, 1911–1949, 3 cr
341 History of Modern China, 1800–1949, 3–4 cr
342 History of the People's Republic of China, 1949 to the present, 3–4 cr
453 Ancient Japan and the Courtly Society: Prehistory to 12th Century, 3–4 cr
454 Japan in the Age of the Samurai: Seven Centuries of Feudal Society, 3–4 cr
455 Japan's Modern Century, 1853–1952: Rise and Fall of the Imperial State, 3–4 cr
456 Pearl Harbor and Hiroshima: Japan, the U.S., and the Crisis in Asia, 3–4 cr
600 Advanced Seminar in History, 3 cr
725 Proseminar in Modern East Asian History, 3 cr
753 Seminar in Comparative World History, 3 cr
852 Seminar in Traditional and Early Modern Chinese Intellectual History, 3 cr
854 Seminar in Modern Chinese History, 3 cr
855 Seminar in Modern Japanese History, 3 cr
880 Seminar in May Fourth Movement, 3 cr

International Business

403 Global Issues in Management, 3 cr
420 Global Marketing Strategy, 3 cr
430 International Real Estate, 3 cr
445 Multinational Business and Finance, 3 cr
615 Business in Emerging Markets, 3 cr
703 Global Issues in Management, 3 cr
720 Global Marketing Strategy, 3 cr
730 International Real Estate, 3 cr
745 Multinational Business Finance, 3 cr
755 International Operations: Problems and Administration, 3 cr

Journalism and Mass Communication

621 Mass Communications in Developing Nations, 4 cr
920 Seminar in International News Communication, 3 cr

Languages and Cultures of Asia

All upper-level/graduate-level courses concerned with the languages, cultures and religions of China, Japan, Korea, Tibet, or Chinese ethnic minorities offered by the Department of Languages and Cultures of Asia may be taken as part of the East Asian Studies Ph.D. minor (see course listings for Languages and Cultures of Asia).


872 Legal Issues: North America and East Asia, 2 cr
940 Law and Contemporary Problems: The State in Economic Development, 2 cr
940 Law and Contemporary Problems: Chinese Law, 2 cr
953 Selected Issues in International Business Transactions, 1 cr

Literature in Translation

368 Modern Japanese Fiction, 3 cr
372 Classical Japanese Prose in Translation, 3 cr
373 Topics in Japanese Literature, 3 cr


402 Music Cultures of the World: East and Southeast Asia, 3 cr
403 Musical Cultures of the World: China, Japan and Korea, 3 cr
515 Proseminar in Ethnomusicology, 3 cr
716 Seminar: Musical Instruments of the World, 2 cr
915 Seminar: Ethnomusicology, 3 cr

Political Science

312 Politics of World Economy, 3–4 cr
313 Bargaining in the Global Economy, 3 cr
342 Japan in the World, 3–4 cr
346 China in World Politics, 3–4 cr
368 Special Topics in Politics of Developing Areas, 3–4 cr
379 Globalization: State, Society and the International System, 3 cr
505 Challenge of Democratization, 3–4 cr
640 Politics of Japan, 3–4 cr
642 Political Power in Contemporary China, 3–4 cr
653 Politics of Developing Areas, 3–4 cr
654 Politics of Revolution, 3–4 cr
695 Topics in Political Science, 3 cr
850 Comparative Politics of Advanced Industrial Nations, 3 cr
967 Seminar: Asian Politics, 3 cr

Public Affairs

841 Seminar on International Business and Government, 3 cr
857 Political Economy of Corruption and Good Governance, 3 cr
858 International Development and Policy, 3 cr

Religious Studies

Numerous East Asia-related religious studies courses are available. See cross-listings under East Asian Languages and Literature and Languages and Cultures of Asia.


496 Population and Health Issues in Asia, 3 cr
628 Comparative Industrial Relations in Developed Countries, 3 cr
644 Comparative Sociology of Contemporary Capitalism, 3 cr
918 Seminar in Comparative Sociology of Contemporary Capitalism, 3 cr

Theatre and Drama (Asian Theatre)

326 Introduction to Asian Performance, 3 cr
351 Fundamentals of Asian Stage Discipline, 3 cr
526 The Theatres of China and Japan, 3 cr
551 Advanced Asian Stage Discipline and Production, 1–3 cr
911 Problems in Asian Theatre, 3 cr