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FRENCH STUDIES Minimum Degree Requirements and Satisfactory Progress

To make progress toward a graduate degree, students must meet the Graduate School Minimum Degree Requirements and Satisfactory Progress in addition to the requirements of the program.

Master’s Degrees:

MFS, with available full-time academic track and summer institute track

Minimum Graduate Degree Credit Requirement

30 credits

Minimum Graduate Residence Credit Requirement

16 credits

Minimum Graduate Coursework (50%) Requirement

Two-thirds of the degree coursework (20 of 30 total credits) must be completed in French courses numbered 600 or above, which are considered graduate level.

Prior Coursework Requirements: Graduate Work from Other Institutions

Full-time academic track: Students may not count coursework from other institutions.

Summer Institute track: With program approval, MFS students in the Summer Institute are allowed to waive up to 10 credits of their required PFMP credits, to recognize graduate work done at colleges or universities other than UW–Madison, if those courses satisfy program requirements and are 6 taken after the student has begun PFMP coursework.

Prior Coursework Requirements: UW–Madison Undergraduate

No credits from a UW–Madison undergraduate degree are allowed to count toward the degree.

Prior Coursework Requirements: UW–Madison University Special

With program approval, University Special students enrolled in the capstone certificate "French Studies" may count up to 12 credits of coursework taken while they are capstone students toward the MFS degree. Coursework earned five or more years prior to admission to a master’s degree is not allowed to satisfy requirements.

Credits per Term Allowed

13 credits

Program-Specific Courses Required

Contact program for specific information.

Overall Graduate GPA Requirement

3.00 GPA required.

Other Grade Requirements

B or better in French 615.

Probation Policy

The status of a student can be one of three options:

1. Good standing (progressing according to standards; any funding guarantee remains in place).

2. Probation (not progressing according to standards but permitted to enroll; loss of funding guarantee; specific plan with dates and deadlines in place in regard to removal of probationary status.

3. Unsatisfactory progress (not progressing according to standards; not permitted to enroll, dismissal, leave of absence or change of advisor or program).

Advisor / Committee

Students will work closely with the PFMP Executive Director.

Assessments and Examinations

Internship and Oral Examination.

Time Constraints

Students who have allowed a session to "lapse" without enrolling during that session, and without approval to take a leave of absence, must reapply to the program if they desire to continue. See program for more details.

Leaves of absence are viable for one semester only.

Language Requirements

No additional language requirements.