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International Education

Administrative Unit:School of Education, Curriculum and Instruction
College/School: School of Education
Minors and Certificates:Ph.D. Minor

Faculty: Professors Hawkins (Curriculum and Instruction; current contact for the minor), Wang (Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis), Bal (RPSE), Kaplan (Educational Psychology), James (Curriculum and Instruction), Kendall (Educational Policy Studies), Walbarger (Kinesiology), Skog (Dance), Hilyard (Art)


Graduate students may pursue an Option A minor in international education. Option A minors are distributed minors. This means that courses are selected from across departments and must all be chosen from departments other than the student’s home department. Participating School of Education departments offering courses toward an Option A (distributed) minor are Curriculum and Instruction, Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis, Educational Policy Studies, Counseling Psychology, Dance, and Art.

Ph.D. Minor 

Students choosing an Option A (distributed) minor select, in consultation with the chair of the School of Education Global Education Committee (currently Maggie Hawkins) and an advisor from their home department, education-related courses with significant international content. An Option A minor must be approved in accordance with the student’s home department procedures. Forms for distributed minors are available in students’ home departments.

The 12-credit Option A minor in international education is composed of core international education courses (graduate-level courses from outside the home department). These core courses comprise a minimum of 50 percent of content devoted to international topics/issues. Courses must be distributed as follows: at least one 3-credit course from category 1 (see below) with an emphasis on disciplinary theory or research; three additional courses selected from the four categories at the 300 level or above, depending on the requirements of the home department. Students are expected to achieve a B or better in four international education courses at the 300 level or above in order to qualify for the Option A minor.

Category 1

Art 908/Art Ed 951/Curric 951* Historical Perspectives on Art and Art Education
Curric 515 Holocaust: History, Memory and Education
Curric 714 Research and Evaluation Paradigms in Curriculum and Instruction
Curric 916* Fabricating Europe: Issues of Research in Curriculum and Instruction
Curric 975* Examining Teaching & Learning from Cultural-Historical Perspectives
Curric 975* Critical Systems Theory & World Education
ELPA 940/Ed Pol 780* Economics of State Support for Higher Education
Ed Pol 478 Comparative History of Childhood and Adolescence
Ed Pol 570/970 Anthropology and Education
Ed Pol 705 Introduction to Comparative and International Education
Ed Pol 713 History of Higher Education in Europe and America
Ed Pol 780* Introduction to International & Comparative Education

Category 2

Art 908/Art Ed 951* Outsider Art Environments: Aesthetics and Teaching
Art 908/Art Ed 951* Women in Art & Art Education
Art 908/Art Ed 951* Art after 1945: Film, Video, and Self
Art 908* Memory Culture
Art 908* Contested Figures in Art: 1945 to Present
Art 908* Identity, Ritual, and the Allure of the Local
Curric 675* Globalization & Educational Inequalities: Implications for Multicultural Education
Curric 704 Curriculum Planning
Curric 716 Reform and Change in Curriculum and Instruction
Curric 855 Issues in Elementary Education
Curric 910 Seminar: Ideology & Curriculum
Curric 916* Cosmopolitanism - Social Inclusion & Exclusion
Curric 975* Ability, Disability, & Normalcy in Transcultural Perspective
Curric 975* Transnational & Comparative Curricular Inquiry
Curric 975* Language, Literacy, and Culture
Curric 975/ELPA 940* Gender and Technology
Curric 975* Feminist, Poststructural & Postcolonial Studies in Education
Coun Psy 726 Social Development of Ethnic/Racial Minority Children
Dance 353 Javanese Performance
Dance 377 Cultural Cross Currents: West African Dance/Music in the Americas
Dance 453 Javanese Performance Repertory
ELPA 940* Entrepreneurial Colleges & Universities in the Global Landscape
ELPA 940* Ideas of the University
Ed Pol 340 Comparative Education
Ed Pol 335 Globalization and Education
Ed Pol 622 History of Radical and Experimental Education in the US and UK
Ed Pol 685 Education, Health, and Sexuality: Global Perspectives, Policies, and Practices
Ed Pol 750 African Education: Past, Present, and Future
Ed Pol 760 Education in Developing Societies
Ed Pol 780* Workshop on International Development Policy
Ed Pol 780* International Development Education: Policies and Practices
Ed Pol 805 Gender Issues in International Educational Policy
Ed Pol 962 Seminar in Cross National Studies of Educational Problems
Ed Pol 970 Anthropology and Education

*Courses with topics that vary by semester

For more information: School of Education Global Education Committee Chair, Professor Maggie Hawkins, mhawkins@education.wisc.edu.