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LATIN AMERICAN, CARIBBEAN, AND IBERIAN STUDIES Criteria for Satisfactory Progress To make progress toward a graduate degree, students must meet the Graduate School requirements in addition to the requirements of the department or program. See Graduate School degree requirements.
Overall GPA
Follow Graduate School policy
Other Grade Requirements
Candidates who do not remove an Incomplete one semester after it is incurred may be put on academic probation; after two semesters from the time of incurring the Incomplete, the student may be suspended from the program.
Probation Policy
Candidates placed on academic probation must obtain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 the following semester. Failure to meet this requirement will result in being suspended from the program.
Specific Courses
Seminar 982 and a seminar in an area of concentration. An introductory seminar is highly recommended.
Specific Credits
A maximum of 6 of the required 24 credits may be taken as independent work; 12 credits must be taken in the area concentration. Contact the department for more information.
Examinations / Time Constraints
Yes / No
A final oral examination is required.
Other Assessments / Time Constraints
Yes / Yes
Candidates are expected to finish the degree in three to four semesters of full-time study; after four semesters, the student must petition for an extension. Time to degree will be customized for students in dual or articulated degree programs. Students must also petition for part-time (fewer than 6 credits per semester) status.
Language Requirements
Candidates must obtain certification of basic proficiency in Spanish or Portuguese. The language examination should be taken during the first semester.
The program director or the associate director will be the formal advisor for all students in the program.
Review Policy
Director and associate director
Each semester