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LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE Criteria for Satisfactory Progress
To make progress toward a graduate degree, students must meet the Graduate School requirements in addition to the requirements of the department or program. See Graduate School degree requirements.
Overall GPA
Follow Graduate School policy
Other Grade Requirements
Candidates receiving a grade of BC or lower in one of the required courses must repeat the course and receive a grade of B or better.
Probation Policy
Follow Graduate School policy
Specific Courses
Land Arch 710; 720; 740 (or another approved methods course); 920 or equivalent; two semesters of 940; and two courses within a concentration area selected by the student and approved by the thesis advisory committee.
Specific Credits
A minimum of 36 credits; no more than six of these may be for completion of the thesis. Candidates who are in the Madison area while conducting thesis work must enroll for a minimum of 2 credits.
Examinations / Time Constraints
Yes / Yes
A final oral examination is required upon completion of the master's thesis.
Other Assessments / Time Constraints
Yes / Yes (5 years for full-time students)
Candidates are required to submit a master's thesis which explores and documents a topic relevant to landscape studies and which meets the requirements of the candidate's committee. Candidates must meet with the committee and provide a written and/or oral explanation and defense of the thesis proposal. A preliminary and final presentation of the thesis must be made in a department colloquium and a bound copy of the thesis placed on file in the department office. Contact the department for more information.
Language Requirements
All candidates will be assigned a temporary advisor for the first semester. Candidates eventually must take the initiative to seek out a major professor plus two committee members who will be responsible for guiding thesis development.
Review Policy
Major professor and student's graduate committee—each semester
Graduate Program Committee—annually