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OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY Minimum Degree Requirements and Satisfactory Progress

To make progress toward a graduate degree, students must meet the Graduate School Minimum Degree Requirements and Satisfactory Progress in addition to the requirements of the program.

Master’s Degrees:


Minimum Graduate Degree Credit Requirement

61 credits

Minimum Graduate Residence Credit Requirement

16 credits

Minimum Graduate Coursework (50%) Requirement

50% of degree coursework (31 credits out of 61 total credits) must be completed in courses numbered 700 or above and in any courses identified as graduate- evel by the courses' subject-owner OR the following courses which have been specifically designed for graduate students in a graduate program:
Occ Ther 610 Professional Skills I
611 Professional Skills II
612 Professional Skills III
613 Professional Skills IV
620 Occupation-Based Theory and Practice
621 Assessment of Occupational Participation
622 Infant and Childhood Occupations and Therapeutic Interventions
623 Adolescent and Young Adult Occupations and Therpeutic Interventions
624 Middle and Late Adulthood Occupations and Therapeutic Interventions
625 Level I Fieldwork: Infants and Children
626 Level I Fieldwork: Adolescents and Young Adults
627 Level I Fieldwork: Adults and Elders
629 Medical Lectures
662 Level II Fieldwork (weeks 1–12)
664 Level II Fieldwork (weeks 13–24)
671 Scientific Inquiry in Occupational Therapy I
672 Scientific Inquiry in Occupational Therapy II
673 Scientific Inquiry in Occupational Therapy III
674 Scientific Inquiry in Occupational Therapy IV

Prior Coursework Requirements: Graduate Work from Other Institutions

With program approval, students are allowed to count no more than 15 credits of graduate coursework from other institutions. Coursework earned five or more years prior to admission to a master’s degree is not allowed to satisfy requirements.

Prior Coursework Requirements: UW–Madison Undergraduate

No credits from a UW–Madison undergraduate degree are allowed to count toward the degree.

Prior Coursework Requirements: UW–Madison University Special

With program approval and payment of the difference in tuition (between Special and graduate tuition), students are allowed to count no more than 15 credits of coursework numbered 300 or above taken in UW–Madison University Special student status. Coursework earned five or more years prior to admission to a master’s degree is not allowed to satisfy requirements.

Credits per Term Allowed

15 credits

Program-Specific Courses Required

The MS-OT has a prescribed curriculum of 61 credits, with potential for electives. See Occupational Therapy Curriculum.

Overall Graduate GPA Requirement

Minimum 3.00 GPA required.

Other Grade Requirements

Course numbered 300 or above with a grade of A, AB, B, or S count toward minimum credit requirement; grades of BC or C count only if equal credits of AB and A offset the lower grades to average B (3.00). (For more information, see the Graduate School's Academic Policies and Procedures. See also Grading System on the Graduate School website.)

Probation Policy

The status of a grad student’s progress is either:

1. Good standing (progressing according to standards; any funding guarantee remains in place); or

2. Probation (not progressing according to standards but permitted to keep enrolling; funding guarantee may be lost; specific plan with dates and deadlines for removal of probation may be required; or

3. Unsatisfactory progress (not progressing according to standards; not permitted to keep enrolling, dismissal, leave of absence or change of advisor or program likely required).

An overall GPA below 3.0 will place the student on academic probation. If a 3.0 GPA not regained in the subsequent semester the student may be dismissed from the program or allowed to continue provisionally for 1 semester based on advisor appeal to the Graduate School. Compare http://grad.wisc.edu/acadpolicy/#probation.

Advisor / Committee

All students must have an assigned advisor to meet UW information management needs, and accordingly, and of its own volition, the department assigns an advisor to each student. M.S. in cccupational therapy (MS–OT) —-research faculty or OT instructor.

Assessments and Examinations

No formal examination specific to the M.S. is required. Curricular requirements (all didactic courses) must be passed, in conformity with GPA and grad requirements, above.

Time Constraints

Master’s degree students who have been absent for five or more consecutive years lose all credits that they have earned before their absence. Individual programs may count the coursework students completed prior to their absence for meeting program requirements; that coursework may not count toward Graduate School credit requirements.

Level II fieldwork must be completed within 24 months of completion of coursework.

Language Requirements

No language requirements.