African Studies

Administrative Unit:African Studies Program
College/School: College of Letters and Science
Minors and Certificates:Ph.D. Minor, Graduate Certificate

Faculty: Professors Hutchinson (chair) (African Studies/Anthropology), Adell (Afro-American Studies), Anderson (Music), Barrows (Agricultural and Applied Economics), Baumann (Nursing), Bernault (History), Bershady (Astronomy), Bloch (Curriculum and Instruction), Bosu (Veterinary Medicine), Bunn (Anthropology), Carter (Agricultural and Applied Economics), Chavas (Agricultural and Applied Economics), Christensen (Animal Health and Biomedical Sciences), Cowell (African Languages and Literature), Drewal (Art History/Afro-American Studies), Fair (Journalism and Mass Communication), Gallagher (Astronomy), Gjerde (Medicine and Public Health), Graziano (Medicine and Public Health), Haq (Medicine and Public Health), Hauner (African Languages and Literature), Hewson (Curriculum and Instruction), Johnson-Powell (Medicine and Public Health), Klug (Law), Ladson-Billings (Medicine and Public Health), Langston (Forest and Wildlife Ecology), McClintock (English), Memon (Languages and Cultures of Asia), Naughton (Geography), Nixon (English), Ntambi (Biochemistry), Olaniyan (African Languages and Literature/English), Payne (Political Science), Popkewitz (Curriculum and Instruction), Posner (Agronomy), Reed (Animal Sciences), Reschovsky (Agricultural and Applied Economics), Schatzberg (Political Science), Scheub (African Languages and Literature), Schleicher (African Languages and Literature), Seidman (Sociology), Shapiro (Agricultural and Applied Economics), Songolo (African Languages and Literature/French and Italian), Tesfagiorgis (Afro-American Studies), Thompson (Law), Tripp (Political Science/Gender and Women's Studies), Turner (Geography), Verna (Art), Wilcots (Astronomy), Zeichner (Curriculum and Instruction); Associate Professors Al-Ghadeer (African Languages and Literature), Anstett (Family Medicine), Chamberlain (History), Conway (Communication Arts), Conway (Pediatrics), Foltz (Agricultural and Applied Economics), Jenson (French and Italian), Lambert (Anthropology), Madureira (Comparative Literature), Nesper (Anthropology), Pickering (Anthropology), Sapega (Spanish and Portuguese), Stambach (Educational Policy Studies), Sweet (History); Assistant Professors Hark (Design), Keller (History of Science), Kendall (Educational Policy Studies), Kodesh (History), Sellers (Social Work), Straus (Political Science), Wendland (Medicine and Public Health/Anthropology)



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The African Studies Program facilitates interdisciplinary teaching and research among scholars who focus on Africa. The program is recognized nationally for its excellence in academic offerings. More than 80 faculty are members of the program and offer courses in 35 departments.


Certificate Program 

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The certificate in African studies is awarded upon successful completion of 20 credits from African studies courses, with a minimum of 12 credits from the core curriculum (66-100% African content), including four courses in departments other than the major field, with a GPA of 3.0 (4.0 basis); completion of all requirements for a UW-Madison master's degree; and a significant piece of research in African studies. No more than two courses from the student's department will count. Further details are available from the program office in 205 Ingraham Hall.


Ph.D. Minor 

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The minor field in African studies is for Ph.D. students who desire interdisciplinary training in African area studies. It requires completion of four units (a minimum of 12 credits) from the core curriculum, including only courses outside the student's own department and from at least two different departments. Introductory language courses may not be counted toward the minor field.

For more information: African Studies Program Office, 205 Ingraham Hall, 1155 Observatory Drive, Madison, WI 53706; 608-262-2380; fax 608-265-5851;;



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African Languages and Literature

377 Cultural Cross Currents: West African Dance/Music in the Americas, 3 cr
674 Nigerian Art & African Diaspora, 3 cr
678 Modern Art of Nigeria & African Diaspora, 3 cr
679 Visual Culture and Critical Race Theory, 3 cr

Agricultural and Applied Economics

350 World Hunger and Malnutrition, 3 cr
477 Agricultural and Economic Development in Africa, 3 cr


318 Peoples and Cultures of Africa, 3-4 cr
333 Prehistory of Africa, 3 cr
490 Anthropology of Health in Africa, 3 cr
702 Health Issues in Africa, 3 cr
901 Anthropology and International Health, 3 cr
940 Anthropology and Human Rights, 3 cr

Art History

378 African Art: West African Empires to Rise of Colonialism, 3 cr
579 Proseminar in African Art, 3 cr
601 Introduction to Museum Studies I, 3 cr
879 Seminar in African Art, 3 cr


477 Agricultural Economic Development in Africa, 3 cr

Educational Policy Studies

560 Gender and Education, 3 cr
750 African Education: Past, Present, and Future, 3 cr
760 Introduction to International Education, 3 cr


516 African Literature-A Survey, 3 cr
823 20th Century Literature: Postcolonial Cultural Studies, 3 cr
965 Persistence of Memory, 3 cr

Environmental Studies

339 Environmental Conservation, 4 cr
360 Extinction of Species 3 cr
651 Conservation Biology, 3 cr
975 Conservation Biology and Sustainable Development, 1 cr


411 African Poetry, 3 cr
716 Seminar in Musical Instruments of the World, 3 cr

French and Italian

454 Modern African Prose and Poetry in French, 3 cr
532 Cultures et société dans le monde francophone, 3 cr
665 Introduction aux études francophones, 3 cr
669 Cinéma africain, 3 cr
947 Questions in Literature, 3 cr
948 Séminaire sur littératures francophones, 3 cr


339 Environmental Conservation, 3 cr
355 Africa, South of the Sahara, 3 cr
537 Culture and Environment, 4 cr
900 Seminar in Cultural Geography, 3 cr
930 Seminar in People-Environment Geography, 2-3 cr


376 History of Africa to 1880, 4 cr
377 History of Africa 1500-1870, 3-4 cr
378 History of Africa 1870-present, 3-4 cr
440 History of North Africa, 3 cr
444 History of East Africa, 3 cr
445 History of Equatorial Africa, 3-4 cr
446 History of Southern Africa, 3 cr
508 Health, Disease, and Healing, 3-4 cr
600 Image of Africa, 3 cr
861 Seminar: the History of Africa, 1-3 cr
861 Seminar in History of Africa, 1-3 cr

History of Science

553 International Health and Global Society, 3 cr

International Studies

301 Introduction to International Studies, 4 cr
374 Growth and Development of Nations in Global Perspectives, 3 cr
602 World Regions in the Global Economy: Africa, 4 cr


621 Mass Communication in Developing Nations, 4 cr
830/930 International/Development Communication, 3 cr

Languages and Cultures of Asia

370 Islam: Religion and Culture, 3 cr


980 Seminar in African Law, 2-3 cr


361 Non-Western Music Performance: Kiganda Xylophone, 1 cr
716 Seminar in Musical Instruments of the World, 3 cr

Nutritional Sciences

350 World Hunger and Malnutrition, 3 cr

Political Science

317 The Politics of Human Rights, 4 cr
362 African International Relations, 3-4 cr
653 Politics in Developing Areas, 3-4 cr
657 Comparative Political Culture, 3 cr
660 African Politics, 3 cr
855 Politics and Culture in Comparative Perspective, 3 cr

Population Health Sciences

553 International Health and Global Society, 3 cr
650 Uganda Health and Disease, 1-3 cr


925 Seminar: Socio-Economic Change in Underdeveloped Areas, 2-3 cr
940 Sociology of Economic Change in Developing Countries, 3 cr

Wildlife Ecology

360 Extinction of Species, 3 cr
651 Conservation Biology, 3 cr

Gender and Women's Studies

469 Women and Politics, 3 cr
805 Gender Issues in International Educational Policy, 3 cr


360 Extinction of Species, 3 cr
651 Conservation Biology, 3 cr