Our philosophy is clear and time-tested: The creation of new knowledge through research depends on educational excellence and graduate education is perfected through research. Our graduate students, and the work they do, illustrate this synergistic relationship. This Wisconsin tradition is built on a foundation of world-class faculty, diverse students determined to succeed, research innovation and facilities and programs second to none. This page is dedicated to telling the stories of our many successful graduate students.


Urban Canid Project helps track Madison’s coyotes and prevent conflicts


University of Wisconsin–Madison graduate students study the behavior of growing fox and coyote populations in the city of Madison. Photo: Jeff Miller More »


Weaving Women’s Voices Across Generations


Weaving Women’s Voices Across Generations, is a UW-Madison project which brought together female Hmong-American students and older Hmong women. More »

A summer lark that led to something bigger: Meet UW-Madison cellist Kyle Price


What started out as an idea for a bit of musical summer fun has transformed into a four-week annual music festival for audiences in upstate New York and the NYC area. Photo Credit: Katherine Esposito More »

The Intersection of the awe-inspiring and the subtle


Painter Melanie Treuhaft works with projected light and painted materials to add dimension to her art. More »


Communicating Science

The Communicating Science initiative aims to train the next generation of scientists how to talk and write about their research. More »

Startup helps public libraries share creative work

hiser headshot 2013aRESIZE2

Kelly Hiser, who completed a doctorate in historical musicology spring 2015, is helping libraries to efficiently collect, license and share music with communities.

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From Family Tragedy to Occupational Therapy


After suffering a traumatic brain injury, Tabea Elias was put into a coma. Her husband Ted became her primary caregiver and ignited a passion for helping others. Now Ted works towards a master’s degree in Occupational Therapy.

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Motivation, mentorship help deaf student reach for biology Ph.D.


Phu Duong, a doctoral student in the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Cellular and Molecular Pathology Graduate Program who is deaf, works with cultures in Corinna Burger’s neurology research lab in Bardeen Medical Laboratories.

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Fossils lead to dramatic discovery


A team of international scientists, including UW-Madison paleoanthropologist John Hawks, discover a new species, Homo Naledi. Photo: John Hawks. More »

UW researchers bring geothermal energy to rural Wisconsin


Graduate student of geological engineering at UW–Madison help to install geothermal system in rural Wisconsin to heat and cool Wisconsin homes. Photo courtesy: Eleanor Bloom (left) James Tinjum (right) More »

UW–Madison grad student wins HHMI international fellowship


Graduate Student Yei Hwan Jung has been named a Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) International Student Research Fellow. Photo: 2014 Qualcomm Innovation Prize winners. Credit – Brett Stepanik More »


GHG inventory image

To reduce Madison’s carbon emissions, UW–Madison students proposed transit-oriented city development around a bus rapid transit system. Combining public transportation with a bike-share system for the “last mile connection” between the home, bus stop and office may make commuting by bus more appealing. Photos:Jeff Miller (left) Phil Roeder (right).

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UW–Madison students estimate the cost of Wisconsin’s clean drinking water


UW-Madison graduate students recently helped the Public Service Commission (PSC) of Wisconsin estimate the amount of “embodied energy” (left, photo courtesy of Google Maps) (center, photo by Jeff Miller, UW-Madison) and Milwaukee (right, photo courtsey of Wikipedia).

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Surveys provide valuable data for graduate programs and prospective students


The University of Wisconsin–Madison’s graduate degree programs result in a net brain gain for the state and jobs for Ph.D. candidates even before they complete their doctoral program. Photo: Jeff Miller More »

GERS students bring science and engineering to underrepresented grad students


GERS students make an impact on the science education of underrepresented students in graduate education. Photo courtesy College of Engineering External Relations. More »

Ph.D. fueled by desire to improve education for indigenous students


Nicky Bowman’s passion and determination to improve education for indigenous students drove her to earn a Ph.D. at UW-Madison.

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Unpatterned and Patterned Pure Human CardiomyocytesResize

A team of UW-Madison researchers has induced human embryonic stem cells (hESC) to differentiate toward mature heart muscle cells, or cardiomyocytes, by seeding them onto micro-patterned growth templates or “features”. Working in laboratories in the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery, the researchers focused on finding the pattern, including the right size scale, that suits the human stem cells. “Our hypothesis was that if we could control the cell shape and how they bind to their surroundings using this micropatterning, we could coax them into forming more aligned, structurally sound fibrous structures that are more relevant in the heart,” says Max Salick, a PhD student in materials science at UW-Madison and first author of the paper published in Biomaterials journal.

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