Kousei (Martin) Perales

PhD Candidate, Freshwater and Marine Science

Faculty advisor: Jake Vander Zanden, Professor, Zoology

Kousei PeralesKousei Perales is studying how droughts alter the quality of habitat in lakes and how that impacts fish communities. Kousei is also studying the relationship between lakeshore residential development, habitat and fish communities in northern lakes.

Before coming to Wisconsin, Kousei was part of a research group at UC Davis investigating the relationships among water quality, slough morphology, hydrodynamics, and their effect on food webs and fish communities in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. An essential component to understanding the spatial distribution of native fishes in this tidal freshwater system is to document seasonal and spatial water quality trends. Additionally, Kousei has done fieldwork in Alaskan backcountry studying movement of several salmon species, sampled fish in Idaho to understand impacts of dams on reproductive success, and surveyed Puerto Rican streams to understand how urbanization alters fish communities.