Laura Stephenson

PhD Candidate, Communication Arts

Faculty advisor: Marie-Louise Mares, Associate Professor, Communication Arts

Laura StephensonLaura Stephenson is a PhD candidate at UW–Madison with an M.A. from University of Pennsylvania, Annenberg School. Her research focuses on the role of television in the home, specifically understanding parental mediation and the impact of family life stage, with the driving question: how do parents use media within the home at different stages of their child(ren)’s development to strengthen the parent-child relationship? Her dissertation focuses on mechanisms connecting shared media exposure with parental perceptions of closeness and child disclosure. In addition, she is currently working on a project with Marie-Louise Mares, Amy Nathanson (The Ohio State University), and Nicole Martins (Indiana University) on parental conflict surrounding children’s media use. She continues to hold an Advanced Opportunity Fellowship, given by the Graduate School. This competitive, merit-based fellowship is intended to increase the racial and ethnic diversity of the graduate student population at UW–Madison.