Lauren Moscoe

PhD Candidate, Botany

Faculty advisor: Eve Emshwiller, Associate Professor, Botany

Lauren MoscoeLauren Moscoe enjoys learning and teaching about ethnobotany: the interactions between human cultures and plants. Her research interests center around agrobiodiversity and traditional crops. In her dissertation, she is exploring the on-farm conservation, genetic diversity, and nutritional composition of the Andean tuber crop, oca (Oxalis tuberosa), in Cusco, Peru. Prior to coming to UW–Madison, she received her B.A. from Williams College and was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Guatemala.

She has enjoyed teaching undergraduates throughout her time at UW–Madison, and has been a TA for Introductory Biology, Survey of Botany, and Ethnobotany. In addition, she developed and instructed the course, Plants and Humans. In 2014 she received a Teaching Fellow Award from the College of Letters and Sciences. She is also the recipient of the Society for Economic Botany’s Richard E. Schultes Research Award and Graduate Women in Science’s Nell Mondy Fellowship.