Greyson Colvin

Greyson Colvin

By Kaine Korzekwa

Owning your own small business can be tough but armed with an MBA from UW–Madison, Greyson Colvin’s agricultural investment company is thriving.

Colvin received his MBA in the finance, investment, and banking program in 2006 and then moved to New York City. There he worked as an equity research analyst, focusing on agriculture and heavy machinery. His passion for agriculture grew and inspired him to start his own business, Colvin and Co., in 2009.

Working in agricultural investing specifically is very exciting because you’re doing something that impacts people all over the world. The corn grown in Iowa is consumed by local cattle or pigs that might get to Madison but also some is sent all the way across the world to China or Japan.

His small company focuses on investing in United States farmland and infrastructure, with 55 farms across North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Colorado, and Florida — growing everything from corn and soybeans to wheat, sugar beets, potatoes, corn, beans, and organic commodities.

“Running a small business, you essentially take care of everything,” Colvin explains. “You’re the head of HR, and you’re the head of the tax department and the supply office. A lot of people don’t realize that aspect of running a business but I love it. I get to control my own destiny. There’s a new challenge to approach every morning.”

While at the university, Colvin had an internship with the Wisconsin Alumni Association and said the experience was highly valuable. He believes UW–Madison has one of the best and most helpful alumni bases in the nation and they’ve helped him succeed in owning his own business.

“Being passionate, working hard, and having good networking and accounting skills are all important for running a small business,” he says. “My advice for all students at UW–Madison is that when you’re sitting in class you may have this vision of what you want to do and it’s great to have such goals. However, it’s important to keep an open mind and keep your options open because you never know where your career path will take you.”

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