Juliette Bruce

PhD student, Mathematics

Faculty Advisor: Daniel Erman

Juliette BruceJuliette is a PhD student in the Department of Mathematics. She is interested in using algebraic techniques to study the geometry of systems of equations with multiple variables, or polynomials.

Mathematicians who study systems of polynomials can often find a common set of relations among polynomials in a system, capturing a large amount of the geometry that would appear out of the solutions to these polynomials. These relations, called syzygies, are still mysterious among solutions that are geometrically represented in higher-dimension mathematical spaces. Juliette’s research focuses on the asymptotic properties of syzygies.

Since receiving a Chancellor’s Opportunity fellowship, Juliette has made a mark on campus. In 2017, Juliette was recognized for exceptional service to undergraduate education with a Campus-Wide Teaching Assistant Award. She also received an additional grant from the National Science Foundation.

She has given back by founding the student group oSTEM@UW, which provides academic, social, and professional opportunities for LGBTQ+ identifying students in STEM, and contributing to the Mathematics Department’s Committee on Inclusion and Diversity. She shares her knowledge of mathematics and expands the reach of UW by participating in outreach with the Madison Math Circle.

“I am extremely grateful to have received a Graduate School-based fellowship, and been able to give back and serve the university committee I so cherish,” Juliette said.