Elliot Vaughan

PhD student, Geography

Faculty advisor: Erika Marín-Spiotta

Elliot VaughanElliot is a PhD student in geography, with a minor in soil science. He studies how human land use along with soil and environmental properties contribute to the amount of carbon stored in the soil. Soils store vast amounts of carbon, with implications for climate change research. Elliot has conducted field work in Puerto Rico regarding how soil carbon changes as forests regrow following deforestation. As part of his work, Elliot partners with a non-profit conservation group in Puerto Rico with the intention of sharing research data to inform the group about the sites they help manage.

Elliot said that having two years of guaranteed fellowship funding allowed him to take on a bigger role in managing the project related to his master’s work. He also has been involved with mentoring several undergraduate students, as well as starting a group to foster interdepartmental collaboration. He recently completed the WISCIENCE Teaching Fellow program to develop skills that will be valuable to his career goals as a faculty member at a teaching-focused institution.