Marin Skidmore

PhD student, Agricultural and Applied Economics

Faculty advisor: Jeremy Foltz

Marin SkidmoreMarin is a PhD student from Germantown, Wisconsin. She began her program in Agricultural and Applied Economics in 2016 with support from a University Fellowship, which she said made it possible for her to complete her program’s core requirements in the first year with relatively low stress.

Marin studies the interaction of agriculture, development, and the environment in the Brazilian Amazon, focusing on how zero-deforestation policies in the cattle sector affect both deforestation and agricultural productivity. She also plans to incorporate measures of household welfare into her analysis of the impacts of environmental changes in the Amazon. These measures are often forgotten when studying environmental policies, she said.

“Preservation of the Amazon Rainforest has global impacts, as the biome holds countless species of plants and animals and is responsible for recycling water for the Americas,” Marin said. “My work is useful for policymakers as they seek to best slow deforestation in the Amazon and other regions. These impacts have ramifications for local people as well as the global food supply.”

She is part of a research team doing a field study on the subject this year, supported by a Fulbright scholarship.

“The extra time that my fellowship gave me in my first year contributed to my ability to earn a Fulbright scholarship for fieldwork in Brazil, both by giving me time to form my application and by giving me time to meet Dr. Holly Gibbs,” an Associate Professor in the Department of Geography and Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies, Marin explained. “Dr. Gibbs’ mentorship connected me with the work in Brazil and with other scholars that made my Fulbright application successful.”