Tips for Grads: Face the music

By Olivia Gacka, PhD Student

I am willing to say with approximately 94% certainty that every single conversation I’ve had with a fellow graduate student in the last week has resulted in either me or the person I’m talking to saying “Oh, you know, it’s that time of the semester” and making a face that I’m certain you can all perfectly imagine right now. We’re tired. It’s getting colder. Work is piling up. There are various mechanisms with which to cope with stress, but the one I want to talk about today is listening to music.

There have been a number of studies conducted to assess the effects of music not just on our moods, but on our health and ability to focus. So while it may seem counterintuitive to stop working to be more productive, it could be worth it for you in the short and long term.

Here are some ways to fit more music into your life:

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