Graduate Program Resources (Example Redesign)

Data Resources for Campus Users

University faculty and staff can access a wide variety of campus data resources related to graduate education at UW–Madison including data reports, interactive data visualizations, and data queries. A comprehensive overview of these resources can be found in the Graduate School KnowledgeBase data section (link opens in new tab).

The Graduate School Explorer contains aggregate data on admissions, enrollment, student funding, degree and program completion rates, and doctoral career outcomes. NetID login is required.

Note: To use the Graduate School Explorer, you must have access to “Student Restricted” data. To request access, complete the Office of Data Management request access web form.

The Graduate Admissions Competitor Landscape visualization presents data on the national postsecondary institutions competing with UW–Madison graduate programs for new student admissions. Dashboards display the institutional enrollments of new graduate admits over the past five years as well as the reasons reported by admits for not accepting UW–Madison graduate program offers of admission. NetID login is required.

The Graduate School administers three required student surveys: the Doctoral Exit Survey, the Master’s Exit Survey, and the Doctoral Student Experience Survey. To access survey data, click on the corresponding link below (NetID login required).

Read more about the Graduate School Surveys.

UW–Madison has provided name and degree information of doctoral and postdoctoral alumni from the past 15 years to Academic Analytics. With that information, they have completed manual web searches to compile the Doctoral Student and Postdoc Outcomes Data visualization. The data includes employment industry, location, title, and salary and is filterable by degree, degree year, school/college, and department/program.

Can’t find what you need?

University staff and campus researchers wishing to request a specific data report or product not otherwise available should use our data request intake form. To complete the form you will first need to log in to your campus G Suite account.

Graduate Student Recruitment

The Graduate School offers materials for those traveling to recruitment events or hosting visit days. Materials include recruitment folders and information about graduate study at UW–Madison.

Pre-Application Recruitment Post-Application/Visit Day Recruitment

In addition, the webpage Investing in Graduate Assistants outlines the strength of the university investment in graduate assistantships and related support. This resource may be useful to graduate faculty in a variety of settings, from recruiting new graduate students, to better informing your current graduate students about their full range of benefits, to dispelling common myths about assistantships.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

There are many resources on campus available to assist Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) committees throughout departments, schools, and colleges. For instance, the data resources included on this page are valuable tools for DEI committees to monitor aggregate student data, think about the trends shown in the data, and take steps toward increasing equity and inclusivity in a program or department. The student exit survey data can also help programs examine various factors related to climate and satisfaction within the program and the university broadly.

In addition, the Council of Graduate Schools has compiled a list of social justice and anti-racism resources for graduate education that you can explore.

Explore these DEI resources from campus:

Graduate School KnowledgeBase topics

Click on a subtopic title to be taken directly to that section of the KB.

Graduate School contacts

We’re here to help. Use these lists to identify the right person to address your questions or concerns.

Graduate Guide

The Guide is an official document of record and is reviewed and updated every year. Graduate program coordinators play an essential role in updating the publication. Learn about the update/editing cycle for Guide.

Unit Directory

The Graduate School’s Unit Directory lists important contacts in each graduate program. These roles include Graduate Program Coordinator, Director of Graduate Study, Admissions Contact, Graduate Faculty, and more. The Graduate School uses this directory when sending information to graduate faculty and staff.

Graduate program coordinators are responsible for keeping their directory up to date. Here’s how to update Unit Directory information.

For New Graduate Program Coordinators

New coordinator checklist

The Graduate School offers comprehensive guidance for new graduate program coordinators. This checklist is the perfect place to start.

New Graduate Program Coordinator Checklist

New graduate coordinator training

Jump Start is an online, self-paced training that gives new graduate program coordinators a comprehensive overview of the Graduate School and its resources. New graduate program coordinators will gain access to the Jump Start Canvas course after they have been added to the Unit Directory.