Welcome from Dean William Karpus

Welcome to the University of Wisconsin–Madison Graduate School!

Great universities are measured by the vigor of their graduate programs and the integration of those programs in the overall research mission of the institution. The University of Wisconsin–Madison is one of the preeminent institutions in the world with a richly woven history of graduate education and research that prepares the future generations of thought leaders in a wide range of disciplines and contributes to the global economic engine.

The mission of the Graduate School is "to foster excellence in graduate education." That mission is built on a foundation of advocacy, collaboration, service and engagement. The Graduate School advocates for graduate students and graduate education campus-wide. The fundamental issues of student success, funding, diversity and inclusion, professional development and career outcomes are areas where the Graduate School is a campus leader. Those efforts are undertaken in close collaboration with our partner schools and colleges that include world-renown faculty members conducting cutting edge research, making ground-breaking discoveries and creating new knowledge at a staggering pace. The Graduate School brings its institutional knowledge and experience to bear on those collaborations by providing high quality service to students as they progress through their degree requirements and to graduate programs and faculty advisors by assembling data and analyzing trends that assist in recruiting highly qualified applicants and developing those individuals to become outstanding scholars. Fostering connections among the community of life-long learners at the University of Wisconsin–Madison is an integral function of the Graduate School. This engagement will identify opportunities for current graduate students and introduce them to the full spectrum of career possibilities.

I urge you browse our website and explore our 150+ graduate programs to learn about the amazing research our current graduate students and faculty are conducting. I also urge you to follow the success of our students on .

In the coming months I look forward to meeting graduate students, faculty and staff and to learn about campus graduate education concerns and explore new ideas.

William J. Karpus
Dean of the Graduate School

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