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Academic Planning and Assessment

The Office of Academic Planning and Assessment plays a critical role in the perpetuation of high quality graduate programs, and in turn, in the successful research enterprise on campus. The unit has two core functions: academic planning and program review, and data analytics and reporting. The unit supports activities related to the Graduate Faculty Executive Committee (GFEC), develops tools/resources for program review, and serves as a resource for program development. The unit provides analytics for strategic/academic planning and decision making as well as official data for internal and external audiences including the statistical graduate program profiles.

Marty Gustafson

Assistant Dean, Academic Planning and Assessment

211 Bascom Hall


Kelly Haslam

Data Projects Manager

231A Bascom Hall


Matías Scaglione, Ph.D.

Policy and Planning Analyst

231A Bascom Hall


Admissions and Academic Services

The Offices of Admissions and Academic Services serve as campus resources to promote and facilitate excellence in graduate education for prospective and current graduate students, staff and faculty. These offices are the academic dean’s offices for graduate students and are a point of contact throughout their graduate careers, from recruitment through graduation. We work with students, faculty, and graduate programs to recruit and admit students, ensure their satisfactory progress, advise them during their training, manage their portfolio, and grant degrees. We also advise and then approve specially tailored courses of research where the student’s interests are highly interdisciplinary or not well served by matriculation in a single degree program.

Graduate Admissions

232 Bascom Hall
500 Lincoln Dr
Madison, WI 53706

608-262-2433 (Phone)
608-265-9505 (Fax)

Judy Bauman

Director of Admissions


Kasey Fiske

Senior Student Status Examiner
Admissions Specialist for applicants with family names starting with the letters E through H and P through Zz

232 Bascom Hall


Randy Tackett

International Examiner

232 Bascom Hall


Debbie Klimek

Senior Student Status Examiner
Admissions Specialist for applicants with family names starting with the letters A through D and I through Ozz

232 Bascom Hall


Graduate Academic Services

217 Bascom Hall
500 Lincoln Dr
Madison, WI 53706

608-262-2433 (Phone)
608-265-9505 (Fax)

Michelle Holland

Director of Academic Services


Elena Hsu

Degree Coordinator
Master's and Professional Degrees, Special Committee Degrees, Dual/Joint/Double Degrees, Big Ten Academic Alliance Traveling Scholars, Degree Completion fee


Katie Block

Admissions and Academic Services Coordinator


Alexandra Walter

Degree Coordinator
Ph.D. Degrees, extensions, electronic thesis deposit, dissertator status


Diversity, Inclusion and Funding

The Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Funding plays a central role in creating an inclusive and multicultural educational landscape through the retention and recruitment of diverse students, especially those of domestic minority and low-income/first generation college backgrounds, who have been traditionally under-represented in graduate education. We work to promote a shared campus-wide commitment to an inclusive climate for all UW–Madison graduate students through initiatives such as the McNair Scholars Program and the Graduate Research Scholars communities. In addition, the unit oversees the Graduate School’s fellowship and funding competitions, serves as the coordinating unit for multiple external fellowships, and provides assistance to graduate students, staff, and faculty on campus-wide funding issues.

LaRuth McAfee, Ph.D.

Assistant Dean, Diversity, Inclusion and Funding

229 Bascom Hall


Irina Diaz

Fellowship, Funding and Diversity Initiatives Coordinator

231 Bascom Hall


Cassandra Rademaekers

Fellowship Director

231 Bascom Hall


Maya Holtzman

Associate Director, Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program

408 Bascom Hall


Dana-María Baldwin

Graduate Student Advisor, Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program

408 Bascom Hall


Multicultural Graduate Network

Bascom Hall Room 407A


Professional Development and Communications

The Office of Professional Development and Communications coordinates, develops, and promotes learning opportunities to foster the academic, professional, and life skills of the graduate education community. We work to promote a culture within the graduate education community that values professional development, the integration of research and graduate education, and the tenets of the Wisconsin Idea.

Alissa Ewer

Assistant Dean, Office of Professional Development and Communications

209 Bascom


Eileen Callahan

Director of Professional Development

223 Bascom


Amy Fruchtman

Assistant Director of Professional Development

225 Bascom


Martina Kunovic

Higher Education Leadership Project Assistant

407C Bascom


Billy Warner

Higher Education Leadership Project Assistant

407A Bascom


Matthew Zinsli

Higher Education Leadership Project Assistant

407C Bascom
500 Lincoln Drive


Kathi Matthews-Risley

Director of Communications

225 Bascom


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