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Molecular and Environmental Toxicology

1010 McArdle Laboratory for Cancer Research
1400 University Ave
Madison WI 53706
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Program contact: Eileen Stevens
Phone: 608-263-4580
Fax: 608-262-5245
Email: emstevens@wisc.edu

Face-to-Face Evening/weekend1 Online2 Hybrid3 Accelerated4 Add'l assistantship and/or enrollment policy5
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About the Molecular and Environmental Toxicology Program

The Molecular & Environmental Toxicology Program promotes research on suspected and known toxicants, emphasizing multidisciplinary approaches to determine how pollutants adversely affect human health and wildlife. Students gain knowledge of both molecular toxicology and environmental toxicology and demonstrate research expertise in at least one of those areas. Graduates go on to become leaders in industry, academia, or regulatory agencies.

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Additional Policy

Students are funded by program dollars to do rotations during their first semester. After having settled on a lab, their research mentor will fund the student, either through his/her research grants, program-available TA-ships, or other fellowships.

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1 These programs are offered in an evening and/or weekend format to accommodate working schedules. Enjoy the advantages of on-campus courses and personal connections, while keeping your day job. For more information about the meeting schedule of a specific program, contact the program.

2 These programs are offered primarily online. Many available online programs can be completed almost entirely online with all online programs offering at least 50 percent or more of the program work online. Some online programs have an on-campus component that is often designed to accommodate working schedules. Take advantage of the convenience of online learning while participating in a rich, interactive learning environment. For more information about the online nature of a specific program, contact the program.

3 These programs have innovative curricula that combine on-campus and online formats. Most hybrid programs are completed on-campus with a partial or completely online semester. For more information about the hybrid schedule of a specific program, contact the program.

4 These on-campus programs are offered in an accelerated format that allows you to complete your program in a condensed time-frame. Enjoy the advantages of on-campus courses with minimal disruption to your career. For more information about the accelerated nature of a specific program, contact the program.

5 Students in most on-campus graduate programs are eligible for assistantships. Please look carefully at the additional policies listed above for more information about the specific assistantship and enrollment policies for the program. Contact the program with any questions.