Academic Policies and Procedures

Appendix 4 - Grade-Point Average Calculation

  • To calculate graduate GPA:
    • Refer to the grading system table in Appendix 3 above to find the grade-point value of each letter grade on your transcript.
    • Multiply the grade-point value by the number of credits for the course. For example, a three (3) credit AB would be calculated as:
        3.5 grade-points for an AB
      × 3 credits
        10.5 grade-points
    • Continue this calculation for every course numbered 300 and above that you took as a graduate student. Do include independent study courses and seminars. Do not include research courses; each department determines course numbers for their research courses. Do not include courses taken as a University Special student. Add the total number of grade points earned and the total number of credits earned.
    • Divide the total number of grade points by the total number of credits.
        215 grade-points
      ÷ 60 credits
        3.58 GPA
    • This final figure is your graduate GPA.

The UW-Madison Cross College Advising Service GPA Calculator may be a useful tool.

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