Academic Policies and Procedures

Addition/Change of Program, Plan, or Named Option

To add, change or discontinue a program of study, current graduate students submit the electronic Add/Change/Discontinue Program Request to the office of the intended program.

Students must check with the intended program concerning admission requirements (for example, GRE scores or letters of recommendation) and eligibility. Upon receipt of a recommendation from the program, the Graduate School will notify the student of the decision. Questions regarding the status of an application are best directed to the program.

If dissertators want to add a program, typically a master’s program or a certificate program, they cannot hold dissertator fee status while pursuing a graduate degree or certificate in a field other than the doctoral program. Dissertators who add a program or a certificate program must enroll and pay fees as a regular graduate student.

International students who add/change a program or a certificate program should contact International Student Services to discuss the possible effects this change of program could have on immigration status.

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