Academic Policies and Procedures

Effective Dates

Any student entering or readmitted to a graduate program must adhere to the requirements in the most current Academic Policies & Procedures. This includes all new incoming students, those students continuing from a master’s degree to a doctoral degree, add/change program students, degree completion fee students, and any readmitted students. A student who chooses to discontinue their degree program for a semester or more would return under the requirements in the most recent Academic Policies & Procedures.

Students enrolled prior to fall 2014 in a MFA, specialist certificate, or doctoral degree program have the option to complete their degree under the prior policy requirements if they maintain continuous enrollment.

A student who advances from the master’s level to the doctoral level fall 2014 or after is subject to the requirements in the most current Academic Policies & Procedures.

Appeals will be considered in exceptional cases. The request for appeal must be made on a student-by-student basis. The appeal should come from the students faculty advisor and/or program chair and be sent to the Graduate School Director of Academic Services. The appeal should include sufficient justification for the request and any supporting documentation.

See Continuous Enrollment Requirement

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