Changes to Academic Policies and Procedures

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Graduate Academic Services

217 Bascom Hall
500 Lincoln Dr
Madison, WI 53706

608-262-2433 (Phone)
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Michelle Holland

Director of Academic Services


Katie Block

Admissions and Academic Services Coordinator


Elena Hsu

Degree Coordinator
Master's and Professional Degrees, Special Committee Degrees, Dual/Joint/Double Degrees, CIC Traveling Scholars, Degree Completion fee


Alexandra Walter

Degree Coordinator
Ph.D. Degrees, extensions, electronic thesis deposit, dissertator status


The following changes have been made to the 2015-16 Academic Policies & Procedures:

  • 11/9/15: The Minimum Graduate Coursework (50%) Requirement section was updated with the Spring 2016 implementation of the graduate course attribute in the University’s Course Guide and Class search.  The following text was removed from this section of policy:

Graduate Coursework can include UW-Madison courses:

  • Numbered 700 above;
  • Numbered 300-699 that are specifically designed for graduate students in a graduate program*;
  • Numbered 300-699 that assess graduate students separately from undergraduate students**; or
  • Numbered 300-699 that have a graduate student enrollment of >50% in any given semester***.

*Courses must be explicitly identified by the course’s subject owner as graduate level.

**Courses must always assess graduate students separately from undergraduate students.

***On a semester by semester basis, an individual student may count credits from courses numbered 300-699 that have a graduate student enrollment >50% in that given semester. This must be assessed on a semester by semester basis and cannot be applied as a universal standard if true for one or multiple semesters. The program is responsible for monitoring and tracking course enrollment.



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