Application Fee Waivers (Grants)

The Graduate School offers a limited number of application fee grants.  Fee grants are directed to:

  1. applicants who have participated in pipeline programs specifically designed to prepare students for graduate studies, or
  2. domestic (non-international) applicants who have grown up in a low-income family.

We are unable to offer fee grants to applicants for any other reason.  Occasionally, individual graduate programs offer fee waivers to particular applicants who do not meet the above criteria; interested applicants can contact their intended graduate program directly regarding this possibility.

Please note: the Wisconsin School of Business has its own criteria for granting fee waivers.  For more information on those waivers, contact the admissions team for the program to which you are applying. Go to the School’s contact page for email addresses and phone numbers.

Instructions for applicants who have participated in pipeline program

If you have participated in one of the programs listed below, indicate which one in your Graduate School application.  Upon submission of your application, you will be notified that your application fee is being waived.  The Graduate School will verify your participation in the program.

  1. McNair Scholars:  Applicants who have completed a McNair Scholars Program anywhere in the U.S.
  2. SROP UW–Madison:  Applicants who have participated in the Summer Research Opportunity Program offered by UW–Madison.
  3. SROP-CIC: Undergraduates who have participated in a SROP program at a CIC (Committee on Institutional Cooperation) institution.
  4. Institute for Recruitment of Teachers (IRT):  Applicants who have participated in the IRT Associate Program or Intern Summer Workshop.

Instructions for domestic applicants (except those applying to the School of Business) who have grown up in a low-income family

You may be eligible for an application fee grant.  Please follow the instructions below.  This entire process must be completed before you submit your graduate school application.  No application fee grants are provided after submission of your graduate application.

  1. Download this Fee Grant Request Form, fill out the top portion, and send it electronically to the Financial Aid Office at your undergraduate institution.  Ask that office to complete the form and return a signed, stamped copy to you.
  2. Once you have received the completed form, send it to the Office of Fellowships and Funding Resources ( as a PDF attachment.  The Graduate School will review the form and notify you within ten working days if you are eligible for a fee grant.

If you have questions about fee grants, please email the Office of Fellowships and Funding Resources (

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