Higher Education

Universities and colleges offer satisfying careers both on the tenure track and beyond, in teaching, research, and/or administrative roles.

Institutions of higher education require staff in a number of administrative roles to make certain all functions of the institution run smoothly.

Skilled staff are needed in student services units to review admissions, admit students, and keep scholars on track to commencement. There are many other units tied to institutional infrastructure that require administrative staff as well such as information technology, counseling, assessment, career development, sponsored programs, grants and contracts, research compliance, administrative assistance, and more.

Within institutions of higher education, research centers and institutes extend the mission of their institutions by providing educational experiences through public and community outreach.

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Administrative Roles

Frederick Porter

Senior Director of Product Development, Duke Human Vaccine Institute, Durham, North California
Ph.D. in Biochemistry, UW–Madison

Carrie Eaton

Curator, UW-Madison Geology Museum, Madison, Wisconsin
M.S. in Geology, UW-Madison

Kevin Kumashiro

Dean, University of San Francisco School of Education, San Francisco, California
M.A. in Educational Policy Studies, UW-Madison
Ph.D. in Educational Policy Studies, UW-Madison

James T. Minor

Deputy Assistant Secretary, Office of Postsecondary Education, U.S. Department of Education, Washington, D.C.
Ph.D. in Educational Administration, UW-Madison

Kevin Mullen

Teacher, UW-Madison Odyssey Project, Madison, Wisconsin
Ph.D. in English, UW-Madison

Tina Nielsen

Associate Director, Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center, Madison, Wisconsin
Ph.D. in Geology, UW-Madison

Hilary Shager

Associate Director, Robert M. La Follette School of Public Affairs, Madison, Wisconsin
MPA in Public Affairs, UW-Madison
Ph.D. in Public Policy, Special Graduate Committee, UW-Madison

Idella Yamben

Co-designer and Consultant, Ideaadvance Seed Fund, UW-Extension, Madison, Wisconsin
Ph.D. in Cellular and Molecular Biology, UW-Madison

Faculty Roles

Keivan Stassun

Professor, Physics and Astronomy, Vanderbilt University and Fisk University, Nashville, Tennessee
Ph.D. in Astronomy, UW–Madison
M.S. in Astronomy, UW–Madison

Mark Stanley

Professor, Lighting Design, Boston University
Lighting Director, New York City Ballet
MFA in Theatre and Drama, UW–Madison

Jamie-Rose Guarrine

Assistant Professor, U-Mass Amherst
DMA in Music, UW–Madison
M.A. in Music, UW–Madison

Matthew Desmond

Professor, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts
M.S. in Sociology, UW-Madison
Ph.D. in Sociology, UW-Madison

Greg Richards

Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences, UW-Parkside, Kenosha, Wisconsin
Ph.D. in Microbiology, UW-Madison

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