Marketing & Communications

Marketing professionals develop and maintain a company brand, and strategize effective ways to promote materials and services.

Marketing research provides consumer information that marketers use to define opportunities and issues to generate a call to action, and evaluate performance of clients’ products.

A career in communications at its core is about creating messages: messages that inform, educate, promote products and services, and start conversations.

Writing and editing careers within the communications sector are numerous and highly competitive. Opportunities for candidates with strong writing skills exist in the fields of technical writing, journalism, science writing, creative writing, and nonfiction writing.

Editors take written text, eliminate excess, check for accuracy, and correct issues with grammar, style and consistency.

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Matthew Desmond

Professor, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts
M.S. in Sociology, UW-Madison
Ph.D. in Sociology, UW-Madison

Kate Baldwin

Scientific Visual Communicator and Analytical Illustrator, Madison, Wisconsin
Ph.D. in Cellular and Molecular Biology, UW-Madison

Kevin Mullen

Teacher, UW-Madison Odyssey Project, Madison, Wisconsin
Ph.D. in English, UW-Madison

Timothy Oleson

Associate Editor, EARTH Magazine, Alexandria, Virginia
M.S. in Geology, UW–Madison
M.A. in Journalism and Mass Communications, UW–Madison
Ph.D. in Geology, UW–Madison

Tom Kuplic

Founder and President, ETO Consulting, Madison, Wisconsin
M.A. in Comparative Literature, UW–Madison
Ph.D. in Romantic Cultural Studies, UW–Madison

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