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Academic Calendar

First Semester 2016–2017 2017–2018 2018–2019
Labor Day September 5 (M)
September 4 (M) September 3 (M)
Instruction begins September 6 (T)
September 5 (T) September 4 (T)
Thanksgiving recess November 24–27 (R–N)
November 23–26 (R–N) November 22–25 (R–N)
Last class day December 15 (R)
December 15 (F) December 14 (F)
Exams begin December 17 (S)
December 17 (N) December 16 (N)
Exams end December 23 (F)
December 23 (S) December 22 (S)
Commencement December 18 (N)
December 17 (N) December 16 (N)
Last day grades in December 29 (R)
December 29 (F) December 28 (F)

Second Semester 2016–2017 2017–2018 2018–2019
Martin Luther King Jr. Day January 16 (M)
January 15 (M) January 21 (M)
Instruction begins January 17 (T) January 16 (T) January 14 (M)
Spring recess March 18–26 (S–N) March 24–April 1 (S–N) March 16–24 (S–N)
Classes resume March 27 (M)
April 2 (M) March 25 (M)
Last class day May 4 (R) May 3 (R) May 2 (R)
Exams begin May 6 (S) May 5 (S) May 4 (S)
Exams end May 12 (F) May 11 (F) May 10 (F)
Commencement weekend May 12–14 (F–N) May 11–13 (F–N May 10–11 (F–S)
Last day grades in May 18 (R) May 17 (R) May 17 (R)

Summer Sessions 2016–2017 2017–2018 2018–2019
Memorial Day May 29 (M) May 28 (M) May 27 (M)
4-week session begins May 15 (M) May 14 (M) May 13 (M)
3-week session begins May 30 (T) May 29 (T) May 27 (M)
8-week session begins June 19 (M) June 18 (M) June 19 (7)
8-week session ends August 11 (F) August 10 (F) August 9 (F)

Religious Observances Policy. In accordance with regent and faculty policy, faculty are asked not to schedule mandatory exercises on days when religious observances may cause substantial numbers of students to be absent from the university. Some religions mark observances over multiple days, which may begin at sunset on the day preceding the posted date(s) of the holiday. For a listing, though not exhaustive, of religious holidays, see the Interfaith Calendar. Any student with a conflict between an academic requirement and any religious observance must be given an alternative means of meeting the academic requirement. A student’s claim of a religious conflict, which may include travel time, should be accepted at face value.

For detailed information about the academic calendar, see this link.

Days: M Monday; T Tuesday; W Wednesday; R Thursday; F Friday; S Saturday; N Sunday.

The Academic Calendar is subject to change.