Jamie-Rose Guarrine

Assistant Professor of Voice at the University of Massachusetts- Amherst

Jamie-Rose completed both the Master of Music program and earned her Doctorate in Musical Arts at UW–Madison. She now is an assistant professor of Voice at U-Mass Amherst, coming back to UW–Madison for the Summer Music Clinic.

Greg Richards

Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences at UW-Parkside

Richards received his PhD in microbiology in 2008 from UW–Madison and now splits his time between teaching, research, and outreach activities at UW–Parkside. When Richards isn’t teaching or researching how bacteria deal with stress, he enjoys participating in outreach activities or engaging with the media.

Idella Yamben

Co-designer and Consultant for the Ideadvance Seed Fund with UW-Extension

After graduating with her PhD in cellular and molecular biology from UW–Madison, Idella has been using the “set of tools” she learned from her degree to work as the co-designer and consultant for the Ideadvance Seed Fund.

Hilary Shager

Associate Director for the LaFollette School of Public Affairs at UW–Madison

Armed with both a master’s degree in public affairs and PhD in public policy from UW–Madison, Hilary now serves as the associate director of the Robert M. La Follette School of Public Affairs.

Kevin Mullen

Writing and Reading Comprehension Instructor for the UW–Madison Odyssey Project

Kevin Mullen, in the past year, has earned both his PhD in English as well as a teaching position as a Writing and Reading Comprehension instructor with the UW–Madison Odyssey Project.

Carrie Eaton

Curator of Collections at the UW–Madison Geology Museum

Carrie Eaton tells her friends she’s sort of like a librarian — except each book weighs between four and 400 pounds. As curator of collections at the UW–Madison’s Geology Museum, she wears many hats, one of them being overseeing the 120,000 objects in the museum’s collection. Eaton received a master’s degree in geology in 2004.

John Considine

Materials Research Engineer for Forest Products Laboratory, UW–Madison

After finishing his bachelor’s and master’s degrees at UW–Madison, Considine worked to earn his PhD of Material Science at UW. He is now a materials research engineer with the Forest Products Laboratory on UW–Madison’s campus and is an exemplary model of academic determination.