Adam K. Schneider

Nurse Practitioner for UW Organ and Tissue Donation

As a DNP student who was also working at UW Organ and Tissue Donation as an organ procurement coordinator, Adam Schneider leveraged evidence-based strategies on organ donation to inform his team’s protocols, resulting in more viable organs from donors. He earned his DNP in 2017.

Rachel Mallinger

Research Entomologist for the U.S. Department of Agriculture

Earning her MS in Agroecology and Entomology (2009) and her Ph.D. in Entomology (2015) from the University of Wisconsin–Madison, Rachel Mallinger currently studies attraction—the kind that involves bees and flowers, and which is especially consequential for farmers in the state of Wisconsin and beyond.

Hanif Nu’Man

Chief Sociologist/Founder of ReSCI Consulting, LLC

Having obtained his doctorate in sociology from UW–Madison in 2014, Hanif Nu’Man currently applies his disciplinary knowledge in his work as the Chief Sociologist of ReSCI Consulting, LLC—a management consultancy firm he founded based in Madison.

Winslow Sargeant

Managing Director for S&T LLC

Graduating from UW–Madison in 1995 with a Ph.D. in electrical engineering, Winslow Sargeant is motivated by a passion for solving problems, now working as the managing director for S&T LLC, a firm in Great Falls, Virginia. His role supports investment and business development for early-stage growth companies that specialize in cybersecurity, energy, communications, capital formation, and education.

Evan Sengbusch

Vice President of Business Development for Phoenix Nuclear Labs

Growing alongside the up-and-coming local success story of Phoenix Nuclear Labs, UW–Madison alumnus, Evan Sengbusch, exemplifies how a well-rounded résumé of expertise and a push from an advisor can lead to extraordinary post-graduate ventures.

Liz Percak-Dennett

Technology Director at Hess Corporation

Examining the résumé of Liz Percak-Dennett, a Wisconsin alumni who completed her Ph.D. in Geoscience in 2014, would bring pride to any fellow Badger, and awe to any employer, including Hess Corporation in Houston – the lucky one that snatched her up right out of an internship.

Emily Haga

Plant Breeder at Johnny’s Selected Seeds

Haga completed both her Bachelor’s in Horticulture and Master’s degrees in Plant Breeding and Genetics at UW–Madison. After graduating, Haga is now a plant breeder at Johnny’s Selected Seeds, where she develops new varieties to support small scale farmers and growers and looks at trends in the market to meet the future needs of these growers.

Tina Nielsen

Associate Director for the Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center

After acquiring her Ph.D. in Geology, Nielsen has added student, teacher, geoscientist, college faculty member, mother and wife to her personal and professional résumé. She now is the Associate Director of the Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center.