Kevin Mullen

Writing and Reading Comprehension Instructor for the UW–Madison Odyssey Project

Kevin Mullen, in the past year, has earned both his PhD in English as well as a teaching position as a Writing and Reading Comprehension instructor with the UW–Madison Odyssey Project.

Carrie Eaton

Curator of Collections at the UW–Madison Geology Museum

Carrie Eaton tells her friends she’s sort of like a librarian — except each book weighs between four and 400 pounds. As curator of collections at the UW–Madison’s Geology Museum, she wears many hats, one of them being overseeing the 120,000 objects in the museum’s collection. Eaton received a master’s degree in geology in 2004.

Gordon Shaw

Research Chemist, Mass and Force Group at the National Institute of Standards and Technology

Gordon Shaw pursued his PhD in chemistry at UW–Madison, now working as the Research Chemist, Mass and Force Group at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

John Considine

Materials Research Engineer for Forest Products Laboratory, UW–Madison

After finishing his bachelor’s and master’s degrees at UW–Madison, Considine worked to earn his PhD of Material Science at UW. He is now a materials research engineer with the Forest Products Laboratory on UW–Madison’s campus and is an exemplary model of academic determination.

Alison Patz

Associate Director for the Boren Program for the U.S. Federal Government

A passion for public service and foreign languages has taken Alison Patz around the world and back. She spent time in Morocco with the Peace Corps, attended the University of Wisconsin–Madison La Follette School of Public Affairs for a master’s degree in public administration, and traveled to Egypt on a Boren fellowship. She now works as the associate director for the Boren program in the Department of Defense.

Joshua Koeck

Director of Investment for a Single Family Office

Koeck, who graduated with an MBA from the Applied Security Analysis track in 2010 is now the director of investment for what is called a single family office in the Chicago area, where he meets the financial management needs of one wealthy family.

Peter Johnson

Investment Manager at Mairs and Power, Inc.

Peter Johnson’s MBA in applied security analysis from the University of Wisconsin–Madison was a crucial stepping stone on his way to his dream job in investing at Mairs and Power, Inc, where he is now the vice president and director.

Greyson Colvin

Founder of Colvin and Co., an Agricultural Investment Company

Colvin received his MBA in the finance, investment, and banking program in 2006 and then moved to New York City. There he worked as an equity research analyst, focusing on agriculture and heavy machinery. His passion for agriculture grew and inspired him to start his own business, Colvin and Co., in 2009.