Mindset to Mastery: The Inclusive Teaching Course

Across higher education, there is recognition of the growing need for fostering more inclusive classrooms and learning environments. As educators across diverse disciplines, how can we prioritize diversity, equity, and justice in our pedagogical approaches? What behaviors will help to translate this commitment into action? Learn how to communicate your values and develop practical resources for implementing DEIJ frameworks and teaching strategies within your academic communities. Tuesdays noon-1:30, starting March 5. ΔΔ

Chemistry 858: Quantitative Inquiry in Chemistry Education Research

Have you read education research, and you’d like to better understand the quantitative methods that are used to answer questions about student learning? This course offers an introduction to quantitative chemistry education research and the theories that underpin it as we explore the evidence put forward for a particular claim. Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8:50-9:40am, starting January 23. ΔΔ

Build an Inclusive Canvas Dream Course

Teach better and more efficiently using inclusive instructional technology. Building on your existing skills, you will hone your teaching style and gain a solid foundation in the learning sciences, while creating an effective Canvas course that is inclusive and equitable for students. Thursdays, 1 – 3 pm, starting September 7. ΔΔ