Tips for Grads: Promoting inclusive spaces

After getting used to the much-reduced summer campus population, I am struck by how busy things have become since classes began. I’m reminded in these times that despite the vast size of our community, we as graduate students have the ability to make a huge impact on the areas of campus we are most involved in, particularly in the arena of furthering inclusivity and diversity efforts. 

Tips for Grads: Become a part of the UW-Madison community

Recently, I had the pleasure of sitting on a Q&A panel with fellow graduate students as part of the New Graduate Student Welcome, where we met incoming graduate students. The topic of finding friends and community came up almost immediately, and it gave me an opportunity to reflect on the unique position graduate students often find themselves in at a school like UW. 

Tips for Grads: Summer Writing

Writing over the summer can be tricky. While many of us begin the break with best intentions to write, write, and write some more all summer long and enjoy some rest and sunshine, it can be hard to strike such a balance. At the Writing Center, we are regularly helping writers develop manageable summer writing plans.

Tips for Grads: Make your goals SMART

Back in May, I talked about the importance of planning out your summer so you can monitor progress towards achieving your goals. But no amount of planning and accountability can help if our goals aren’t SMART…that is, Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound.