Tips for Grads: Being a lifelong learner

At the end of last semester, I asked all of you to complete a writing exercise with me listing things you were proud of. As we are now facing the end not only of the semester but of the academic year as a whole, I’d like to invite you to do something similar again.

Tips for Grads: Giving constructive feedback

The end of the semester is a big time for giving and getting feedback. Whether it’s through grading, presentation preparation, group work, or bouncing ideas off of your fellow graduate students, it’s an opportunity we are often given in graduate school to help others succeed. But it can be intimidating to figure out how best to give feedback in a way that feels truly helpful to the other person.

Tips for Grads: Taking time for yourself

We all know that balancing school and personal life can be a little overwhelming at times. Throughout my time as a graduate student, I’ve found that taking time for myself and doing things I enjoy each day has allowed me to reduce stress and prioritize everything I need to accomplish.

Tips for Grads: Making every day Earth Day

April is full of important days, from National Library Week (April 3 through 9) and Tax Day (April 18) to National Garlic Day (April 19) and my personal favorite – Earth Day, April 22! Earth Day was inaugurated in 1970 by the late Wisconsin senator, Gaylord Nelson, as an environmental teach-in.

Tips for Grads: Presenting well

Giving a presentation can be stressful, no matter how comfortable you are with public speaking or how well you know the material. I’m definitely an extrovert, but even I struggle in the lead up to speaking publicly, making sure notes are in order, visuals are lined up, microphones are working, etc., and then remembering to speak clearly and effectively.

Tips for Grads: Getting back on track

In the wake of completing a big project or reaching a major deadline, do you ever feel absolutely useless? I myself just finished up a huge months-long project right before spring break, and throughout the process I constantly told myself “When this is over, I’ll get everything else done. I’ll be so productive!”

Tips for Grads: Assessing yourself

When was the last time you took an honest assessment of yourself? I’m not talking about a Buzzfeed personality quiz…I’m talking about assessments where you can learn more about yourself, your strengths, things you need to work on, what sort of environment you want to be working in, etc.

Tips for Grads: Making networking natural

Networking can be intimidating (global pandemic that has trained us to avoid other human beings aside). But connections with people in your field, whether they’re within your current department or in the places you eventually want to be, are essential for gaining the insight you need to land the job you want.