Tips for Grads: Maximizing your graduate experience with DiscoverPD

DiscoverPD is an essential resource for master’s and doctoral students offering a comprehensive suite of tools designed to enhance your professional development. This online platform is tailored to support graduate students in their journey through academia and beyond, ensuring they acquire the skills and experiences necessary for a successful career.

Tips for Grads: How to engage in science policy

I think many of us in the sciences have what I lovingly call “tunnel vision.” We have aspirations and interests outside of STEM, yet we spend most of our time working on our degrees or recovering from the hard work we do. Further, I would hazard a guess that many of us are also in tune with what we support politically, societally, and morally. So, I am here to cover some tips I learned at the Catalyzing Advocacy in Science and Engineering (CASE) workshop on how to break out of the “tunnel vision” and dive into the world of science policy.

Tips for Grads: Professional development – a step beyond your discipline

Professional development encompasses a variety of resources and opportunities designed to enhance both academic and professional skills. These resources include formal training programs, such as workshops, courses, and certifications, as well as informal learning opportunities like volunteering for projects, participating in professional organizations, and seeking mentorship. We’ll focus on a few of these opportunities in Tips for Grads this summer.

Tips for Grads: Coping with stress

As the end of the semester approaches, graduate students often find themselves flooded with assignments, exams, and research deadlines. Coping with stress during this time is crucial for maintaining mental wellbeing and academic performance.

Tips for Grads: How to thrive not just survive in academia

Thriving in academics as a graduate student goes beyond merely surviving the rigorous demands of coursework, research, and professional development. It involves embracing challenges, maximizing opportunities, and cultivating a mindset of growth and resilience. Here are some strategies to not just survive but thrive in academia.

Tips for Grads: AI in academia: boon or bane?

The use of AI in academia is a highly debated topic in academic circles and conversations. Before choosing a side, it is important to consider the implications of AI and what it really is: AI is a text generator which uses large language models. While there may be concerns about AI use, let’s consider what educators can do to ensure that AI is used with academic integrity intact.