Tips for Grads: Citational Justice tips and resources

Citations are crucial in academic work but we often aren’t taught how to cite intentionally, drawing from diverse sources of knowledge while paying attention to biases in research approaches. Citational justice means citing knowledge producers based on their identity in order to uplift marginalized scholars.

Tips for Grads: Thinking about your community

It has become my tradition over the past year and a half to use the last Tips for Grads column of the semester to ask you to do a quick writing exercise with me, and to take the opportunity to reflect on what you’ve done in the past few months and everything you can – and will – accomplish in the months ahead. 

Tips for Grads: Discover UW’s hidden indoor gems

With temperatures dropping and workloads piling up, it’s easy to spend the day in autopilot mode to get through everything that needs to get done while trying to forget that you can’t feel your fingers (are you wearing gloves outside yet? You should be). But I’m here to encourage you to shake up your daily routine and to take some time to unwind and recalibrate as we head into this last month of 2022.