The Delta Program

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The Delta Program in Research, Teaching, and Learning engages graduate students and postdocs in professional development in teaching, mentoring, outreach, and advising.

Through Delta’s certificate, courses, seminars, internship program, and workshops, participants gain evidence-based teaching practices necessary to become effective and inclusive researchers, educators, and mentors across the nation and the world.

The skills Delta participants develop are transferable to nearly every profession. Delta alumni have strengthened their abilities to plan, organize, communicate, facilitate, and collaborate with a diverse set of colleagues – all necessary skills in academic and non-academic careers.

What We Offer

Programming is offered each semester, including the summer term. Sign up for Delta’s newsletter to learn about opportunities as soon as they are announced.

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Workshops and panels

Want to begin exploring effective teaching practices or get ready for the job market? Our workshops cover inclusive and effective teaching practices, as well as how to write successful grant applications and tie it all together for your CV and cover letter.

Workshops have explored topics including the following examples:

  • Inclusive teaching practices and structures
  • Remote office hours
  • Asynchronous and synchronous discussion facilitation
  • Trauma-informed pedagogy
  • Universal Design for Learning

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Courses and learning communities

Engage in a deeper, more impactful learning experience and work towards a certificate in a semester-long course. Courses focus on a variety of topics and can be integrated into graduate programs.

Examples of Delta’s course offerings include:

  • Teaching in Science and Engineering: The College Classroom
  • Effective Teaching in an Internationally Diverse Classroom
  • Leveraging Tech to Teach
  • Improv to Improve Science Communication & Teaching

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Delta Internship

Each semester, the Delta Program supports a cohort of graduate students and postdocs who complete innovative projects to improve student learning, working in partnership with faculty and instructional staff.

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Certificate in Higher Education Teaching and Learning

The certificate represents your commitment to excellence as an educator. Completing the Certificate in Higher Education Teaching and Learning prepares you to become a leader in teaching and learning, promoting inclusive and effective educational experiences at the college level.

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Research Mentor Learning Communities

The Delta Program offers Research Mentor Learning Communities, based on a nationally recognized curriculum, to give graduate students and postdocs concrete tools to support a successful mentor-mentee relationship. These communities are designed for graduate students and postdocs who are mentoring undergraduate researchers or for whom mentoring may be an important part of their future careers.

Engage in Research Mentor Training:
Summer 2024 Research Mentor Training
Fall 2024 Research Mentor Training

Why Participate in Delta Programs?

By participating in Delta, you’ll gain the teaching and mentoring skills and knowledge you need for your future career.

"Delta introduced me to evidence-based teaching, and then there was no looking back."


Get Involved with Delta

To get involved with Delta, attend one of our upcoming workshops, register for one of our current courses, or learn more about opportunities with our Internship Program and the Certificate in Higher Education Teaching and Learning.

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The Delta Community

Delta welcomes all. Delta programming is designed for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars. We welcome you to participate in our programs to whatever extent best meets your needs. We believe our broad community is a strength, as it provides multiple perspectives on teaching, mentoring, and outreach, as well as opportunities to connect with people outside your discipline.

Meet Delta alumni

  • Samantha


    Samantha, Visiting Professor at Roanoke College: "My internship gave me the confidence required to walk into the classroom and be a new professor. Beyond all the literature background I gained, I think I value the confidence boost even more!"

  • Tess


    Assistant Professor of Biology at Salem State University: "Inclusive teaching is a main area of my scholarly activity as a professor on the tenuretrack, and my Delta internship project definitely set me on that path."

  • Eduardo


    PhD Candidate, Agricultural and Applied Economics: "The Delta program really hammers on the importance of active learning. The cool thing is that the courses and workshops provide a good deal of examples of how to do it."

  • More alumni snapshots

Are you a Delta alum?

We love hearing from our Delta alumni! Please consider sharing your story with the Delta community using the links below.

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Our Mission

The Delta Program promotes excellence in undergraduate education through the development of a national faculty committed to implementing and advancing effective teaching practices for diverse learners as part of successful and varied professional careers. We achieve this mission guided by our three pillars of practice.

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The improvement of teaching and learning is a dynamic and ongoing process. Delta helps participants use research methods to develop and implement teaching practices that advance the learning experiences and outcomes of both students and teachers.

To learn more, check out videos on the definition and cycle of teaching-as-research and alumni and mentors talking about their teaching-as-research experiences.

Learning Communities

We grow better together. Delta’s Learning Communities bring people together for shared learning, discovery, and knowledge-generation. Delta is committed to promoting teaching practices that engage participants toward collaboratively achieving learning goals.

Successful learning communities depend on these central ideas:

  • Shared discovery and learning
  • Functional connections among learners
  • Connections to other, related learning and life experiences
  • Inclusive learning environments that draw on the diverse backgrounds and experiences of learners


Excellence and diversity are intertwined. Delta is committed to developing a national faculty who model and promote the equitable and respectful teaching and learning environments necessary for learning-through-diversity. Delta provides developmental experiences, programs, and resource that promote the abilities of future faculty to:

  • Recognize the diverse backgrounds of learners and the implications for teaching and mentoring
  • Identify curricular, teaching, and assessment practices that promote learning for all
  • Draw upon the diversity of learners to enhance and enrich the education of all
  • Recognize existing inequities and promote equitable, inclusive, and respectful environments
Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching, and Learning (CIRTL) Network logo.

These ideas are also the foundation of the Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching, and Learning (CIRTL), a network of research universities across the United States and Canada. Delta is a founding member of CIRTL, which is administered at UW–Madison.