Delta Internship Opportunities

Are you joining the internship seminar next semester and ready to choose a project?

You can bring your own project ideas, or you consider the open opportunities below. Typical intern projects involve between one day and one week of instruction, with flexibility for those who are interested in broader questions or longer-duration projects (contact with questions). You can find more information in the internship overview and FAQ.

How to find an internship project

  1. Consider the available opportunities below. Contact the faculty partner listed to shape a project that fits both of your goals and interests.
  2. You are welcome to find an internship placement with any instructor who you believe will model a teaching approach that interests you. Internships can be in any teaching environment that meets your professional goals and interests (a course you are TA’ing, or a lecture, lab, discussion, outreach, lab, TA trainings, etc).
  3. Interested in a particular context, challenge, or institution? Contact to set up a time to chat and find you a great fit.

Considerations when choosing an internship project

Pick a project that you will want to talk about at your job interview – or that might help you figure out what kind of a job you want: a project that meets your long-term career goals. Don’t pick a project just because you know the instructor or have TA’d the course.

Think big picture: time in graduate school and postdoc roles is so limited. What do you want to get experience and expertise with: a particular teaching approach such as active learning in large lectures, or small courses with diverse learners, get to know how a primarily undergraduate institution (PUI) like Edgewood works, or teach students from diverse backgrounds at Madison College?

The Delta Program staff are happy to work with you to find a faculty partner and project that meets your goals.

Please see the required intern and faculty partner agreement form to guide your conversation about expectations and roles. The signed document is submitted as part of your internship seminar registration.

Are you a faculty or staff member interested in working with an intern? Complete the faculty/staff internship partner form, and we’ll get back to you with a draft internship opportunity.

Available Opportunities

View projects as a list:

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Delta Internship Opportunities