Multicultural Graduate Network (MGN)

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Multicultural Graduate Network

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MGN Welcome Celebration fall 2015. Photo: Erika Herrera

The Multicultural Graduate Network is your resource for social networking, learning and professional development. Housed within the Graduate School at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, we focus on the needs of graduate students of color, and also serve as an inclusive network for ALL graduate students!

The Multicultural Graduate Network (MGN), located in the Graduate School, Office of Diversity, Inclusion, and Funding brings together graduate students from across UW-Madison to foster community and relationships. We seek to address the needs of students of color through professional development opportunities, social networking, and continued dialogue.

The Multicultural Graduate Network started out as Partners For Success, a mentorship program which supported graduate students at the beginning of their programs. From there, it evolved into what is today the Multicultural Graduate Network, a space for students of color to come together through learning and community.

The Multicultural Graduate Network has three primary goals for increasing and supporting graduate students of color:

  1. Bridging the gap between admissions and enrollment;
  2. Creating multicultural spaces through which graduate students can build communities across campus, as well as spaces for graduate students to connect with others from their own and similar cultural backgrounds;
  3. Providing learning and professional development opportunities to support graduate students from the beginning to end of their graduate program(s).

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