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Multicultural Graduate Network

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Dine Around

The Multicultural Graduate Network Dine Around event provides students with the opportunity to present their studies to their graduate student peers across disciplines.  Students who have completed preliminary examinations are invited to submit applications including an application form, a one-page abstract and bio.  Each year, two individuals are selected to present at an intimate gathering of graduate students and Graduate School staff members.  Students end the evening by engaging in thoughtful discussions about the research topics presented and provide feedback. This feedback is compiled and sent to each speaker to give them suggestions for future presentations.

Past Presenters


Meet our 2016 Dine Around Speakers!

Stephanie-DcostaStephanie Dcosta

Stephanie D’costa is a doctoral candidate in the department of Educational Psychology in the School Psychology program area. She received a BA in Human Development from California State University in Long Beach, CA where she focused on Language development in relation to academic success. Her research interests include cultural and linguistic adaptations for educational and psychological practices and the increasing resilience for children who have experienced trauma. In specific, her dissertation research examined the effectiveness of a linguistically modified guided reading intervention in promoting the academic language of English Language Learners (ELLs). Stephanie is currently working with WIDA developing instructional tools for ELLs. She has also spent time as mental health therapist providing treatment for children who have been sexually abused. In addition to her research, Stephanie enjoys drinking microbrews and spending time playing fetch with her active dog.

Fatima-Sartbay-pictureFatima Sartbay

For the past two years, Fatima Sartbay has been deeply involved with educational programs geared toward improving the educational opportunities of low – income, minority students in the Madison area. As a single mother from a low – income Madison community, Fatima has not only been involved in educational programs that have served her Madison Bayview neighborhood, but has also been connected with the PEOPLE Program for the past two years. As both a middle school and high school Academic Lead for PEOPLE, Fatima has supervised about 20 academic tutors, overseeing their lesson plans, organizing weekly staff meetings, and allocating tutor resources to meet the specific academic needs of PEOPLE students. As part of her Academic Lead responsibilities, Fatima currently coordinates and monitors the academic performance of PEOPLE students with the assistance of teachers from the Madison Metropolitan School District.

Natalie-GuerreroNatalie Guerrero

Natalie Guerrero, originally from Chicago, graduated with a BA in Neuroscience from Pomona College in 2011 and entered into the Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) at the University of Wisconsin (UW) in 2012. As a fourth year MD/PhD student, she is a co-president of the UW School of Medicine and Public Health Latino Medical Student Association, a student representative on the MSTP Diversity Committee, co-chair of the MSTP Outreach Committee, and the chair of the Baha’i Campus Association. Natalie is pursuing a Ph.D. in Population Health Sciences, and her research interests include health disparities and maternal and child health. She has been the lead author of manuscripts and poster presentations in these areas and is currently leading research on the delivery of medical interpreter services in the pediatric setting. Her career goal is to serve minority communities as a primary care physician and to lead research that aims to improve the health of minority populations.

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