Appendix 3 – Grading System

Grades are assigned only by instructors and are reported only by letter grade. Plus and minus grades are not accepted.

The university uses the following grading system:
Grade Grade-points per credit
A Excellent 4
AB Intermediate 3.5
B Good 3
BC Intermediate 2.5
C Fair 2
D Poor 1
F Failure 0

The following grades have no associated grade points and are excluded from the graduate Grade Point Average (GPA):
S Satisfactory
U Unsatisfactory
I Incomplete (a temporary grade when work is not completed)
P Progress
PI Permanent Incomplete
DR Dropped
W Withdrew
CR Credit
N No Credit
IN Incomplete in Credit/No Credit Course (a temporary grade when work is not completed)
M Missing – used for audited courses
NR No Report (a temporary grade for a graded course when a final grade has not been submitted by the instructor; a final grade for an audited course when the student did not meet the instructor’s minimum standards)
NW No Work – used for non-attendance in a course
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