Auditing Courses

A student auditing a course is expected to attend classes on a regular basis as an observer. Audits are not free; a course taken for audit costs the same as a course taken for credit. If students are not paying full-time fees, they will be assessed per-credit fees for an audit course. Auditors do not take examinations or submit class work. Auditors will receive a final grade of either S (Satisfactory) or NR (No Report). Audit courses do not satisfy any credit, coursework, or degree requirements, nor do they count in fulfilling minimum or maximum credits required in each term. If students audit a course and do not attend or drop it, they will receive a grade of NR (No Report). Dissertators who audit a course in addition to the 3-credit research requirement will be removed from dissertator fee status and assessed regular graduate student fees. Students who have research assistantship, fellowship or traineeship appointments are required to be enrolled full-time; audited courses do not count toward full-time enrollment.

Instructors may limit the number of auditors in a course and may restrict participation of auditors in courses inappropriate for that function. For example, courses that by their nature require participation (seminars, research, laboratory, performance, or language courses) are typically considered inappropriate for auditing.

To audit a course, a student must first obtain the consent of the instructor. The student must follow the procedures established in the program offering the course. Graduate School Dean’s approval is required for all course changes, including audit; see the Course Changes section of this document for instructions. The Dean’s signature will be fulfilled once submitted to the Graduate School. The deadline to request/cancel permission to audit is the drop deadline, which is the end of the 9th week of class during the fall and spring semester. Requests for late audits will not be considered. Specific deadline dates, including those for summer sessions, are posted prior to each semester by the Office of the Registrar.

The enrollment system counts all credits in determining maximum credit loads. A Credit Overload Request from is required if a student’s total credit load exceeds the maximum limit per term.

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