Double Degrees

Double degrees are two same-level (master’s or doctoral) degrees from two separate graduate programs. Students completing a double degree earn two degrees (two programs), and receive two diplomas. Double degree candidates have two advisors and two separate committees, and they complete two theses (master’s) or dissertations (doctoral).

Students may apply for an additional program at the time of original application, add a program at any time during their enrollment, or reapply and pursue a second degree after completion of the first.  Students should inquire with each program prior to enrollment to see if additional policies exist that would restrict the ability to complete a double degree.

In all scenarios, regardless of whether double degree programs are completed consecutively or concurrently, students must:

  • Be admitted to both programs;
  • Fulfill the Graduate School’s minimum graduate residence, degree, and coursework credit requirements for each degree;
  • Complete the specific degree requirements for each program, including minimum graduate degree, residence, and coursework (50%) credit requirements for each;
  • Have no more than a 25% credit overlap between degrees, based on the lower credit requirements of the two programs;
  • Have an advisor from each program and both advisors must be informed of each other.

Approval of the double degree: at the time of graduation, each program must submit to the Graduate School a list of the courses being used to satisfy that program’s requirements. Both advisors must sign the course lists as indication of approval. The Graduate School will review the course lists for credit overlap between degrees.

Doctoral students who add a master’s degree program outside the doctoral program cannot be dissertators.

International students must contact International Student Services before adding a second degree program.

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