A lecturer provides formal classroom or laboratory instruction in an academic discipline. The title is normally limited to individuals who have at least a master’s degree and are no longer enrolled as graduate students. However, graduate students may be given the lecturer title (rather than the usual Teaching Assistant title) if they are carrying complete responsibility for a course and function in the same manner that a faculty or instructional academic staff member does, choosing the course material and having full grading responsibilities. Use of graduate students as lecturers may require written approval; contact the Graduate School Office of Human Resources at 608-262-8389. The lecturer title should not be used for a graduate student who is handling sections of a course taught by a faculty member. The lecturer title should not be used as a substitute for the Teaching Assistant (TA) title.

Lecturers may be eligible to receive non-resident tuition remission if employed at least 33.33% for 4.5 months. Students with these appointments are responsible for paying the resident portion of their tuition and their segregated fees as billed by the tuition due date. A complete list of instructional academic staff titles that are eligible for tuition remission is available through the Bursar’s Office Tuition Remission Policy webpage.

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