Military Service Policy

Under current law, students in the National Guard and Reserves who are called to active military duty are provided certain rights, such as (but not limited to) being able to withdraw and receive a 100% refund regardless of the time of the term, to receive “Incompletes” with the option to complete the course work upon their return, or to make selective drops with a full refund of dropped courses.

Under certain criteria, UW–Madison students who are returning from active military duty may return to the university without having to submit a readmission application. These criteria are:

  • Students have not taken additional course work during their absence from the university.
  • Students reenroll for courses during the term following their military discharge date or the next succeeding term (excluding summer).
  • Students return to the same academic career they had when they left.

Students meeting the above criteria should contact University Veteran Services. Further details regarding the UW–Madison policy for enrolled student called to active U.S. Military Services can be found here and here.

See Certification of Enrollment StatusReadmission to Graduate School (for previously enrolled graduate students)