Minimum Graduate Degree Credit Requirement

The Graduate School’s minimum graduate degree credit requirement is a degree requirement instituted by the Graduate Faculty Executive Committee to ensure that a graduate degree meets institution accreditation standards (this includes but is not limited to online, thesis/research, independent study, and practicum internships credits).

Graduate Degree Credit Minimums

Master’s Degree: 30 credits
(except MFA)

M.F.A. /Specialist Certificate: 42 credits
(may include master’s degree credits taken at UW–Madison)

Doctoral Degree: 51 credits
(may include master’s degree credits taken at UW–Madison and credits take while a dissertator)

The doctoral degree minimum graduate degree credit requirement may be achieved with credits earned before or after dissertator status. The credits applied towards a master’s degree, a doctoral minor, or taken as a dissertator shall count towards the related doctoral graduate degree credit requirement.

Students should be aware that some programs may require more rigorous credit requirements than the Graduate School’s minimum requirements. Students should contact their graduate program coordinator for further information.

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