Misconduct, Academic

The university holds graduate students to a high standard of academic integrity and believes that misconduct may warrant university discipline in addition to sanctions imposed by an instructor. Graduate students who have been found by their instructors to commit academic misconduct can expect that the Office for Student Conduct and Community Standards will consider whether to impose a further disciplinary sanction of university probation, suspension, or expulsion.

Chapter 14 of the University of Wisconsin Administrative Code defines academic misconduct as follows:

Academic misconduct is an act in which a student:

  • seeks to claim credit for the work or efforts of another without authorization or citation;
  • uses unauthorized materials or fabricated data in any academic exercise;
  • forges or falsifies academic documents or records;
  • intentionally impedes or damages the academic work of others;
  • engages in conduct aimed at making false representation of a student’s academic performance; or
  • assists other students in any of these acts. UWS 14.03(1)

Examples of academic misconduct include but are not limited to:

  • cutting and pasting text from the Web without quotation marks or proper citation;
  • paraphrasing from the Web without crediting the source;
  • using notes or a programmable calculator in an exam when such use is not allowed;
  • using another person’s ideas, words, or research and presenting it as one’s own by not properly crediting the originator;
  • stealing examinations or course materials;
  • changing or creating data in a lab experiment;
  • altering a transcript;
  • signing another person’s name to an attendance sheet;
  • hiding a book knowing that another student needs it to prepare for an assignment;
  • collaboration that is contrary to the stated rules of the course; or
  • tampering with a lab experiment or computer program of another student.

The full text of the state statute governing academic misconduct, University of Wisconsin System (UWS) 14, Student Academic Disciplinary Procedures, as well as the UW–campus procedures for implementing the provisions of UWS 14 and general information about academic misconduct, are available here or from the Division of Student Life.