Misconduct, Non-Academic

Chapter 17 of the University of Wisconsin Administrative Code describes non-academic misconduct as follows:

The university may discipline a student in non-academic matters in the following situations:

  • for conduct which constitutes a serious danger to the personal safety of a member of the university community or guest;
  • for stalking or harassment;
  • for conduct that seriously damages or destroys university property or attempts to damage or destroy university property, or the property of a member of the university community or guest;
  • for conduct that obstructs or seriously impairs university-run or university-authorized activities, or that interferes with or impedes the ability of a member of the university community, or guest, to participate in university-run or university-authorized activities;
  • for unauthorized possession of university property or property of another member of the university community or guest;
  • for acts which violate the provisions of UWS 18, Conduct on University Lands;
  • for knowingly making a false statement to any university employee or agent on a university-related matter, or for refusing to identify oneself to such employee or agent;
  • for violating a standard of conduct, or other requirement or restriction imposed in connection with disciplinary action.

Examples of non-academic misconduct include but are not limited to:

  • engaging in conduct that is a crime involving danger to property or persons, as defined in UWS 18.06(22)(d);
  • attacking or otherwise physically abusing, threatening to physically injure, or physically intimidating a member of the university community or a guest;
  • attacking or throwing rocks or other dangerous objects at law enforcement personnel, or inciting others to do so;
  • selling or delivering a controlled substance, as defined in 161 Wis. Stats., or possessing a controlled substance with intent to sell or deliver;
  • removing, tampering with, or otherwise rendering useless university equipment or property intended for use in preserving or protecting the safety of members of the university community, such as fire alarms, fire extinguisher, fire exit signs, first aid equipment, or emergency telephones; or obstructing fire escape routes;
  • preventing or blocking physical entry to or exit from a university building, corridor, or room;
  • engaging in shouted interruptions, whistling, or similar means of interfering with a classroom presentation or a university-sponsored speech or program;
  • obstructing a university officer or employee engaged in the lawful performance of duties;
  • obstructing or interfering with a student engaged in attending classes or participating in university-run or university-authorized activities;
  • knowingly disrupting access to university computing resources or misusing university computing resources.

The full text of the state statute governing non-academic misconduct, UWS 17, Student Non-Academic Misconduct Disciplinary Procedures, as well as the UW campus procedures for implementing the provisions of UWS 17 and general information about non-academic misconduct, are available here or from the Division of Student Life.