University Special Student Credit Conversion

A program may count University Special student credits toward program course requirements. In rare circumstances, the program may appeal to the Graduate School to apply University Special student credits towards the Graduate School’s minimum graduate residence, degree, and coursework (50%) credit requirements, provided the work was not done to prove admissibility to the Graduate School. Graduate level work done as a University Special student prior to enrolling in the Graduate School will not be included in the calculation of the graduate Grade Point Average. See the full details of transferring credits from University Special student career at UW–Madison in the Prior Coursework section.

If a program verifies that a student needs the University Special student credits to meet the Graduate School’s minimum graduate residence, degree, and coursework (50%) credit requirements in alignment with the Prior Coursework policy, the faculty advisor and graduate program chair should submit an appeal to the Graduate School Degree Coordinator during the student’s final semester. The appeal should indicate for which term(s) they are seeking conversion and detail the reasoning for such conversion. For those students applying credits that were not part of a capstone certificate program or a Visiting International Student Program (VISP) student, the University Special student term conversion on the transcript does not occur until the appeal has been approved by the Graduate School and payment of the difference in tuition is paid; costs are based on the whole term (not specific courses/credits). The payment cost is the difference between the University Special and graduate tuition rates for the historical term to be converted, not the current term.

See Prior Coursework